Friday, April 19, 2013

Juxtaposition. It's Not Just for Decorating


I'm looking at this today. Out my windows because I don't really want to actually GO out there. Oh I will, but I don't WANT to.

I'm looking at all of that ^ on the same day I bought these.
Hope springs eternal. Even if spring doesn't.

Keep on keeping on everyone.


Ms. A said...

You might want to exchange those for some Uggs, or salt them really, really good and add some snow chains! Brrr, girl, that looks cold!

Ray Denzel said...

I am sending you a map of Florida!

T said...

Love those shoes!

Ignore Mother Nature's cruel sense of humor and spitefully purchase some sumptous hothouse flowers to hit your happy indoors for a few more DAYS.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute shoes! What better thing to do on a snowy day than shop for sandals. XOX