Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Foods Are Primal/Paleo?

White fish via the Dominican Republic. Not popcorn. I wouldn't mind sneaking this into a theatre though.

I frequent Paleo Hacks and Mark's Daily Apple  for a lot of my help with eating the Primal and Paleo way.

I do a combo of these two philosophies; a mash up.

For example:
  • I use heavy cream in my morning coffee - many Primeos (like that? - no?) eschew dairy altogether. I kinda live for my morning coffee so this wasn't going to happen. Nope.
  • I love Mark Sisson's 80/20 rule. Which basically means, "Hey, you're a human being and you're going to want a glass of whiskey from time to time. With a splash of ginger ale." How can Mark see me? He's a super-hero, that's how.
  • Not all of my meat is from a grass-fed source. Some of it. Not all of it.
  • I haven't entirely made the switch up to organic either. I'm picking my battles.

And movie popcorn is an indulgence I am loath to give up. 

Here's what Mark says:
Popcorn is not Primal, but it’s not the worst snack you can have. If you’re buying at a movie theater, make sure they pop it in coconut oil and add real butter (not butter-flavored soy oil). If you’re doing it at home, use a good pot with ghee or coconut oil. And stay away from microwaved popcorn at all costs.
I love going to the movies. I love getting a small popcorn and eating it during the previews. Having to leave that all behind to be Primeo would break my heart. I'm putting this in my 20 column and calling it a day. 

I have found a chi chi movie theatre that uses everything good and that's where I'll be watching.

BTW - has anyone seen Silver Linings Playbook? I want to own this movie it was that good. I went right home and bought a lot of the music from the soundtrack as well.

Check out this link for an at-a-glance reference of basic Primeo foods: Basic Food List

Get your Grok on!

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T said...

Chock-full. That's what this post is.

Love all of it.

You're finding balance with your eating plan, your method, what's reasonable, workable, and what's not optional. I like the way you think. And I tend to agree on mostly ... well, everything.

The movie is on my wish list for Friday night.