Monday, February 11, 2013


I am . . .
  • listening more, talking less
  • making check marks on my list - you know the list - the LIST!
  • laughing more
  • flushing dead mice (omg - or, as an FB friend said, better dead than alive)
  • drinking lemon water
  • trying something different with hair - still wondering about this - messy does appeal to me
  • thinking constantly about a friend that is in the middle of troubles
  • because of her troubles I am able to see any troubles I thought I had in a new light
  • I have no troubles
  • looking at gardening ideas - I know! Who am I?
  • I had Grammy fever - love love love watching all of it - red carpet love
  • scratch the above bullet - Grammys were not that good
  • learned how to remove a fake tattoo - which was easier once I looked at my favorite book, the internet
  • learned I can thrift shop and resist many of my obsessions, I left a few wooden bowls, clusters of glass fruit, and gray sweaters behind
  • although a gray dress, piece of handmade pottery, and a painting came home with me - some things I cannot resist
We got a bit of snow yesterday - it was a lovely afternoon watching it swirling about.


Karen said...

I kinda love that messy hair the way it is.. beautiful wave! I say leave it. But that's just me.

T said...

Is that your hair? I love it. That is some sexy hair.

Wish we had a little snow swirling about. I kind of miss having the white stuff. I mean, it is winter after all. It covers the colorless drab of winter at least.

Listening more, laughing more, talking less. I can identify with all of these. All good. Ditto.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Lovin' the hair! And gray dresses are awesome! It's 58 degrees here today but I'm glad you enjoyed the snow. I'm waiting for the 70s on Friday.

Sara Louise said...

I've been kicking my list's ass and it feels so good!