Friday, February 22, 2013

Talk Like Sir Paul

I love Downton Abbey. And, after every episode I find myself trying to sit like Lady Mary and speak like Lady Mary. Yeah. Lady Mary. I'm a bit obsessed.

And longing to work a bit of British-speak into my life.

Arse - I have loved this word for years. Sounds so much better than, "Move your ass you f-ing dumbass." This is usually said while I'm driving.

Bum or Bottom - What do we think? Would we rather have, "I have a big ass"?

Knickers - the perfect replacement for that word, panties (shudder).

Bloody - well, this one is self-evident. It's perfect. "Bloody hell. Bloody marvelous. Bloody awful. Bloody brilliant."

Brilliant - this one as well. It's brilliant!

Tidy - what do we have? Neat? Neato Frito? "He's so neat." Unless he's really special I'd rather know he's tidy.  :)

Twit - love this one. Much better than idiot. And doesn't sound as mean. Maybe? Ha!

Suss - figure something out. I love to suss around. Do you?

Blow Me! - I guess I won't be using this one. Simply means, "I'm surprised!" Heh!

Cheeky - I love to be cheeky. Doesn't have anything to do with my big arse. 

Fancy - desire something. I fancy you. I fancy some tater tots. What? No tater tots in England?

I'm Easy - hmm . . . we better not use this one. Actually means, "I don't care." This wouldn't be good to say if someone fancies you.

Posh - I do fancy that posh pocketbook.

Pocketbook - handbag

Puff - such a good word for flatulence! Although in my house it's "toot". As in, "Pup? Did you toot?"

Hoover - Vacuum the rug. "I'm hoovering today. Pick up your room."

Rubbish - This one really appeals to me. Much better than garbage. "It's Friday! Is the rubbish all in the bin for pickup?" 

It's at the weekend hooches! So pull up your knickers, be cheeky, and suss something out.


HippieGirl21 said...

IDK why, but for some reason, I think some of these words are kinda funny. And if I hear a cute English guy saying some of this stuff with a cute accent, kind of a turn on, lol!!

David Macaulay said...

I like this post for some unfathomable bloody reason Daisy - have got all sorts of strange looks by subconsciously using British English, last nigh had a conversation re 'taken to hospital' and 'at the weekend'

T said...

Jude Law. He immediately came to mind as I was reading through your list. H.O.T.

Great expressions, great character to them.

I'm salivating for that food! Looks SO yummy!