Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Kickoff

It's Super Bowl Sunday!

I'm kinda excited about seeing Beyonce sing at halftime today. I shouldn't admit that. She is fascinating!

We opted to not have anyone over (just a couple of friends) for the game. Pup is busy with work this time of year and has to hunker down in his office most of the day although he would have been a willing participant.

We had company last weekend and I'm still recovering because I'm . . . I'm . . . oh hell I'll say it. I'm in a down place at the moment.

No damn reason for it. Except I live in Minnesota and it is dark for a good portion of the day and it's been gloomy for days and I might veer towards down times here and there. More here than there at the moment.

I am climbing out from this down place.

My friend Alli McBeal reminded me I have a tanning bed and to get my ass in there for a recharge. She's right! It helps beat the blues since I can't live in Mexico for the entire winter season. Although I swear I will someday. Love you Mexico.

FitFluential plan for the day is a little work, a little working out, some game and commercial watching, and a little cooking.

Here comes the sun.

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