Monday, January 21, 2013

I Left That Where??

I have a lot of devices.

I have my beloved iMac that is beginning to show his age.

I have my new Macbook Pro laptop (kiss kiss). A powerhouse that I will be loading with all of my powerhouse software so I can do my new job on the fly as I've found working at home all the time is kinda lonely and I need the office culture to keep me lovely and smart and plugged in. This sweetie is gorgeous and I am in love with it.

I have my iPad. I didn't love my iPad at first. I kinda thought it was crazy to have, yet, another thing to manage. I have found that it's a great resource and very portable for my transient ways at the moment. My scary-genius boss set up my work email on this little baby so I have to keep it close. Pup got me a keyboard that holds it and then snaps onto as a cover. That really clinched the deal for me. I hated that touchscreen. My brain loves to work fast; when it's working.

Last, but not least, is my phone. I stopped bitching about it (finally) and find it lovely. Samsung, love has grabbed me, beat me over the head, and left me a slave to you. #overstatingismylife

Why am I talking about these life-helpers? I have a hard time managing everything!

First: the email. I have email everywhere. I have five email accounts for differing reasons. Jobs, transitioning, blog. All five of them are necessary. And all five of them come in on every device. Gah!

It doesn't stop me from losing emails. Forgetting emails. Over-answering emails. Under-answering emails. I am in email overload. I think it's my fault.

Then there is Facebook. I have been goofing with it for the past year and have found it fun and have found it a time suck as maybe some of you with Facebook have found it.

I open Facebook on my iMac, I open it on my Macbook, I open it on my iPad, I open it on my phone. I forget to shut it down. I'm sure if anyone is looking, and I'm pretty certain no one is, it looks like I'm on all the time. #fail

And the pinging. If I don't watch it, all of these things are chiming, pinging, ringing, nagging. Pup will say, "Was that you? Which one is it?" He's no better. He has lots of devices as well.

It's a dinging hell around here. And I'm not even adding in the appliances that ding and ping.

I could turn them all off and sometimes do. Turn off all the sounds that pop out of them. The quiet is good!

How do you guys manage all that you do? Am I missing an app? Don't tell me about it! But do tell me how you manage your stuff.


R. Jacob said...

I like having stuff to watch or read when I am bored. A wandering mind looking for nourishment! Thanks for the plate full!

deb-oh-rah said...

All these electronics, supposed to make life/communicating easier, are actually time "suckers," as you put it. You become a slave to them. Welcome to the 21st Century.

David Macaulay said...

I know too many devices Deborah - am considering renting a hut beside a lake with no electricity for like the next 80 years - not sure quite how well I'd cope

Anonymous said...

I have iMac, MacBook Pro and an iPad. I like the iPad in bed because it is quiet and there are no clicking keys to bother Hubby like on my MacBook.... silence is golden at bedtime.

T said...

Gadget overload. So many victims.

Not me. I have two gadgets -- my phone and my laptop, and I wanna keep it that way. I was a hermit in my prior life; I'm sure of it.

Facebook still annoys me, but I check in occasionally to appease friends.

I have four email accounts, and none have alerts. The only thing that alerts me are text msgs and phone calls.

And Aretha Franklin's RESPECT is my youngest son's ringtone; it reminds me of his shortcomings.

And photo apps are my favorites.

I'll branch out eventually.

Ms. A said...

We started with a Mac mini and I loved it. Then I got my MacBook and I love it even more! However, I don't have a phone that's even remotely smart and I don't like Facebook. AND, something you might find totally outrageous... I only have ONE email and have a hard time keeping up with that!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I have a desktop (Windows), netbook, tablet, and a qwerty keyboard phone (no 'smart' phone). I have 4 e-mail addys, 2 blogs, and a life-sucking Facebook account.

I don't use the netbook or tablet unless absolutely necessary and only check 2 e-mail addys on a regular basis. But I do get on FB every day. The only person who calls me on a regular basis is my guy so I have a TON of unused minutes as well.

T said...

Oh, and another thing -- this has nothing to do with devices and such.

I so envy that fabulous kitchen of yours. Just look at it!


Karen said...

LOLOL.. don't ask me how to manage "stuff". My husband will tell you I"m not all that good at it :-)

Deborah said...

RJ - wandering minds do need to be fed

deb - so true. so unavoidable. for our house anyway

David - we were trying to figure out how to get off the grid the other evening. It seemed impossible!

Di - I lay in bed with my iPad too! We are nerds.

T - I am dying over your RESPECT comment! LOLOL! Good for you on avoiding all this mess.

Ms A - Mac love!

SCG - you seem to have it under control!

T - you are so sweet to say that about my kitchen! It's really tiny.

Karen - thank goodness for technophiles sometimes yes?