Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday Monday, Can't Trust That Day

We hosted a party over the weekend here at the Chez Emerson.

A murder mystery dinner.

Which was so much fun and surprisingly get-into-it-able. Is that not a word? I didn't have a word. But trust me, the participants were very fun with their character development. My Sarah Bella called us LARPERS (I think). It's some sort of totally geeky thing where the game players dress up in costumes. So yes, we were larpers. It makes me laugh. Who doesn't like a good role play now and again? I'm winking here. Oh come on - you all have done it SOMEWHERE. It's fun!

We did this party as part of our quarterly GNO (girl's night out) and I think it was a great success! Quite a few in this group are good actors. And good lookin'.

But this post isn't only about the party of larpers or the details of the party; it's also about my Sarah Bella. Who not only was strong armed by her momma (me) into helping us stay on course, but was pimped out by us as a server, bartender, cook, party motivator, and slave.

She dressed the part perfectly. Black slacks, white blouse. I gave her a Mardi Gras bow tie to complete her outfit.

She greeted guests at the door, took their coats, gave them their name tags, got them drinks, brought their food contributions to the party room, and, in one case, cooked one guest's cheese dip.

And, most importantly, kept us on track. Because I know that left to our own devices our train would have left the track very very quickly.

I'm the luckiest momma in the world.

Love you my Sarah Bella.


Karen said...

What a fun night!!... and your daughter is as adorable as you.

Love that little hat!

TILTE said...

Bella's outfit reminds me of Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now I want to run out and buy a bow tie and tiny hat.

Ms. A said...

I dressed for a Halloween party once, never a murder mystery dinner. I have felt like killing someone occasionally, but I don't think I was mysterious about it.

Great pics of the occasion!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Your Sarah Bella is gorgeous. Obviously, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. : D

David Macaulay said...

wow you guys know how to have fun up north :)

T said...

- GNO's are as essential as toilet paper.

- Lovin' Fuzzy's "shot glass"

- Your daughter is adorable; looks so much like you.

- Costume parties...Love 'em! You getta morph into someone(thing) you're not. Sure-fire trigger to giggles and fun.

What a great weekend for you.