Saturday, October 15, 2011

Consigning Women

The best part of working in a consignment store, for me, is all the women.

I love men, but hanging out with women every day is great.

Good and bad. We're an awesome bunch.

The pain-in-the-ass women I see come in and out of the shop I can easily dismiss when the joy-to-be-around women outnumber them so.

I could talk about the consigner who said to me in a voice dripping with bitchitude after I had to ask her last name for a second time, "Sweetie, did you skip lunch today"? She wasn't worried about my blood sugar, she was just a bitch. Next! lol

Or the woman who said to me yesterday while she was picking up a few of her items that were expiring from her contract, "Oh I'm so exhausted! I can't possibly find these. Where are the blazers?" Here they are woman, you can do it. What? You won't recognize your own blazers? How would I recognize them?? And I promptly made myself scarce. (Store policy is consigners have to find their own property; we just don't have time to pull everyone's consignments at the end of their contracts. They know this, but manipulation is the name of the game.)

I'd rather talk about all the other women.

The ones that are in the middle of losing weight and dropping off one size of clothing to consign while shopping the store for a smaller size.

The ones that are young mothers and just want a minute to shop. A minute to find something cute they can afford because they're SAHM's and the budget is a bit tight for cute stuff.

The ones that come to me to ask for help, guidance, color advice, fit advice, styling advice. So open and appreciative.

The mothers and daughters that shop together. The daughter helping mom stay current without looking crazy. The mom pitching in on a few items the daughter wants just because she loves her.

The husbands and wives that come in where the husband is truly interested in watching her try on a few dresses. How awesome is that hubby?

The best friends that shop the store, calling out to each other as they find something incredible for the other one. "Roxanne! You have to try on this top! It will show off your twin sisters perfectly! You have the boobies for it!"

The ones that are just joys to meet and you get to chat for a hot minute with them. Laugh with them. Some days, even cry with them.

I just love women!

Smooches to all of you and I wish all of you could come in my store and we could laugh and cry and shop and look adorable.


Anonymous said...

Ya, people in consignment shops tend to be a little more down to earth and approachable. Sounds like a great place to work!

Ms. A said...

I miss my little consignment store that used to be just around the corner. I hate to shop and it was a great little place to go, shop and avoid the hassle of the big stores, or, heaven forbid, malls.

Karen said...

I'd say you really found your niche..what a great place to work!

Kelley said...

I didn't know you worked in a consignment store. I learned so much in this post. I like hearing your perspective! I'm motivated to go do a consignment store now!

So. Cal. Gal said...

As someone who has a funky spelling last name, I'm patient with those who ask twice. She was just being a bitch. Good eye!

Not So Simply Single said...

LOVE that picture! Awesome...

I love women too...!