Monday, October 10, 2011

Promises Promises!

I keep promising that I'll:
  1. clean my office. Umm . . . yeah.
  2. stop killing all of my plants. What's happening???
  3. take photos of the big room to post. Aaah . . . yeah.
  4. bring in that pile of clothing thrown over a dining room chair into work to consign. I think I'm afraid of being judged! Ha and wussy!
  5. work out. The workout room in the dungeon really mocks me. Daily.
  6. eat better. Okay - that one I really am working on.
  7. stop repeating myself constantly; if not daily. I'm not certain how to fix this one. I don't know I'm doing it!
  8. enjoy winter this year. No complaining.
  9. stop letting time fly by without my noticing it! It's really starting to scare me.
  1. I am enjoying my new job and all the awesome muchachas lindas that I work with. They all call each other dorks so I fit RIGHT IN! Amazing how that works out sometimes right?
  2. We had a family meeting (Pup's fam) at our place and I was petted and coddled and praised for all the awesomeness that is our house. I blushed like a teenage bride.
  3. I am preparing notes and a list of all the managery things I'll be able to do for Pup once he and I buy into the new biz (in the spring - yahoo! He's expanding his business in a HUGE way and needs to hire someone and who better than yo for that? Keep the money honey. Keep it in the family as Pup says. Why not? I super duper enjoyed working for him last winter before I took the job at The Tumbler. It was a bit surprising to both of us how well that went. Sometimes hubs and wifes shouldn't. It did help that I had my own office.
  4. summer is ever so slowly turning into fall and that, this year anyway, is making me so happy because I do love the fall even though it means winter is on its way.
Aaaaaah breakfast out. What could be better than that?

SHOPPING! I texted this photo to Bella to show her I was expanding from my normal palate of gray!  Exciting yes? hehehe

As always, I am super duper jealous of this cat's sleeping ability.

This is why I fit right in with the other dorks. I am one. Yes, those are Crocs. Don't hate me.

My last name starts with a W. Is the Universe trying to tell me something?


Karen said...

What a cute little tatoo!!.. The crocs? OMG.. they come in sandals now? I still don't get it.

Ms. A said...

You seriously pay that kind of money for a sweater? I could buy an entire wardrobe for that price! Yeah, I'm cheap.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I repeat myself constantly! Drives my guy up the wall! Can't seem to help myself though. If you find a way, let me know. And I totally read 'Cherrybroad' Kitchen. It's been that kind of day.

Not So Simply Single said...

Lovely tatoo! That is my style, if I could handle the needles....