Saturday, March 19, 2011

What You're Doing*

*Still on the Beatles kick - maybe forever. Or until I run out of titles. Which may take a while.

It may or may not surprise some of you, but I'm a quick-witted, shouldn't-have-said-that kind of girl. Often. Way too often.

You know, once it's out of your mouth, there is no taking it back. I don't know how to fix that. The shots burble up out of nowhere and spew! Sigh and rats.

So, imagine being this way every day. Think of the people you can piss off or the people you can confuse or the people you may hurt the feelings of.

I fear I worry about it too much.

Now, imagine being the first week on the job.

I kept the beast tromped down. I stifled as best I can. I didn't swear. I didn't sing. I didn't blurt.

Well, maybe just once.

Adorable Girl Training Me: How did the demo go with the rep yesterday? I hate that stuff and start blanking on the words after awhile {a common designer trait I have found}.

Me: It was good! I could follow about every third word!

laughter . . .

ADTM: Yes, I usually let The Boy {other designer} handle the tech stuff. He's a genius at that stuff.

Me: Yes, The Boy really is. So after a while I found myself concentrating only on the rep's lips. He looked a bit like Alec Baldwin so I indulged myself.

Adorable Girl: Oh . . .

Now imagine a look on a face. A look that maybe said, "did she just say she was looking at the rep's lips? Did she just say that?"

And imagine wearing a new creamy yellow sweater from Ann Taylor that left tufts of fuzz on every surface you sat on, walked near, leaned on, talked to.

I may be worrying too much! HA and hehehe.


Spreading the Love! said...
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David L Macaulay said...

ha, ha the sweater sounds really cool. You should post pics of the first week on the job

Ms. A said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Great illustration, too!

Ca88andra said...

I always blurt out things I shouldn't say and then regret them later!

Marla said...

It's officially official. I love you. Probably because I am you. You flippin rock, D!

Marnie said...

This was funny. I lost it when I saw your picture. You would be fun to work with xo

J.J. in L.A. said...

You're not alone, hon. I say inappropriate things ALL the time.

She: What do you think of my boyfriend?
Me: He looks like Will Ferrell.
She: Thanks!
Me: That wasn't a compliment.

Sarah said...

Well at least you left them fuzzy, if not warm & fuzzy!

I think you worry too much! You have that "creative person" cover that can give you a lot of leeway on eccentric behavior.

Kelley said...

Well, it's not YOUR fault he looked like Alec Baldwin. What else could you do??