Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Every day in suburbia, there was a little girl with dark hair and blue eyes that would wait for her momma's Photoplay or her dad's Life magazine to arrive at the house.

She would search out photos of her favorite stars; Marilyn Monroe, Veruschka (super model from the 60s), Gloria Steinem (she fascinates!), and Elizabeth Taylor.

She would stare at photos of Elizabeth, look at the color of the eyes, then look in the mirror and try to convince myself that her eyes were as violet as those were. That any other human on earth could look like her. She didn't believe any did.
 This movie had better NEVER be remade. Elizabeth IS Maggie the Cat.

 Even this diamond doesn't overshadow her beauty IMHO.

I remember reading about the filming of this movie and the love affair she had with Richard Burton. I didn't actually see the movie until I was much older. We didn't go to many movies in those days!

The scandal this couple caused was way worse than any Jolie/Aniston/Pitt thing of today. I recently saw Debbie Reynolds somewhere and she told the story of how she and Elizabeth buried the hatchet from that hurt.

 I never missed The Oscars (still don't truth be told) and I totally remember sitting in our paneled rumpus room an inch away from our new COLOR TV watching her give an award in this dress. The color blue of that dress and her tan made me swoon.

 That was the night this happened. Does anyone remember streaking?


silvergirl said...

She was one beautiful lady

Anonymous said...

Dang she was gorgeous... never did see what she saw in Richard Burton though.

Cheeseboy said...

imo, Taylor was most beautiful in her 40's. Strange, I know. Didn't realize she had been married to Richard Burton. I guess she was married to many.

J.J. in L.A. said...

It's all over the news here. Her burial is at 2 pm today. I wonder why they're burying her so quickly.

Here's a morbid, but interesting, idea...wouldn't it be awesome if she'd donated her gorgeous eyes?

Karen said...

I have never seen Cleopatra, would love to!... she was an incredible lady.

Bonnie said...

Gloriously beautiful -- at every age. And yet I loved her in her frumpiest, nastiest role, Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" with Richard Burton.

Ms. A said...

Liz was a gorgeous woman. I had completely forgotten about the streaker! LOL!

Several older people have said my daughter has eyes like Liz.

The Empress said...

Bless you for having something about Liz, the Queen of the screen.

I grew up with her, too, and would wait for my mom's magazines.

Kathy said...

Hey check out my blog today I posted on her too, my Mom's cousin was her stand in for many years, oh also she told me a very interesting story about Johnny Depp being the most amazing person in real life as well as on screen. He told a Assist. director once to be nice to the little guys on the set or he would have him canned, very cool guy

Ca88andra said...

I could not believe what a super figure she had as well as those eyes!

Marnie said...

She was truly stunning. We don't have that glamor in 2011 anymore...sigh.

Marla said...

She was truly a beauty. I always felt sad for her though. Her life just always seemed so sad to me.