Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday in the Jungle

Yep, it's true.

Pup is working away already. I'm getting ready to make Sunday morning breakfast and work on some Pup-accounting-projects. Pets are sleeping. Right now I'm having COFFEE!

Holy crapinoli, those were some Monday, Tuesday, WTF boring sentences (thank you Steven Tyler) right there.

We moved the pit into the newly renamed living room. We decided that since the guest room is becoming a den/office/guest room that our new space can't be called a den. And it's way large. I hate the term media room so that's out. I guess family room wouldn't be horrible, but I vetoed that one. It isn't a great room since there's nothing else going on in there. I decided that our other space is more a great room because it's open to the kitchen and dining room.

So I am calling it the living room. Since we'll be doing a lot of living in there. Maybe you guys could throw out some ideas? What are peeps calling these kinds of spaces?

We are playing with configuration of the new pit. It is awesome even if it isn't exactly this one.
Cuz as you may or may not remember, I totally wanted something like this 70s awesomeness only in a crushed orange velvet. Yeah, Pup nearly collapsed.

This is what we got.
It totally configures like the original pit only not as large. This is great right? I love it.

Closeup of fabric. A very tweedy, hardy-type fabric. Perfect for singing with The Beatles while strumming a rock-band guitar. Whoooo hoo!

One of the cubbies that flank the fireplace.

Tile guy has ordered my tile and he'll do an install within a month or so. Yeah, it sucks we have to wait that long, but of course I picked a special order tile. See it in its awesome splendor. I want to lick it I love it so. But I won't. At least not in front of anyone.

What are you all doing on your Sunday?

Smooches hooches.


Marnie said...

That is some really nice tile :0) Follow your bliss xo

I like that couch too!

J.J. in L.A. said...

You have great taste, girlie! I like 'family' room because our 'living' room was off limit to us kids when we were kids. I guess you could say it left a bad taste in my mouth. lol!

Sandra said...

That big bed-couch thing you wanted in crushed orange velvet isn't even a couch. It's like a giant pull-out.
And you are making references to Steven Tyler still, which leads me to believe you haven't given up on American Idol yet. Sadly I have. I could't take anymore of that sexy JLo crying and gushing. I miss Simon. Don't judge.

Kelley said...

I love the couch! I REALLY love the map around the fireplace! That is so original and unique. It looks like you live in a fun, clean house. Can I come over?

silvergirl said...

Looking great!
How fun to get to start decorating now.
I think you just call the room "The Pit"

Heather said...

I like it. I think you should just call the whole room the pit.

I didn't want to call our study, a study...because that sounds way pretentious considering what is going on in there. So we call it the "Batcave".

Sara Louise said...

The Pit sounds fun and cozy :-)

T said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again.

You have a lot of class.

Love the room. So inviting.

Spent my Sunday afternoon watching the new flick, "Rango."


Lo Lo said...

I like the idea of calling it "The Pit" too!

And BTW, let's leave the licking to George and Calvin :)

Memphis Steve said...

I'm relieved that your couch doesn't look exactly like the one in that '70s drawing 'cause I was thinking, where do you put your feet on that thing? Yeah, we weren't allowed to put our feet on the furniture so that giant Twister-ready couch wouldn't work in our house. Yours is much better.

Deborah said...

Marnie - yes to bliss!

JJ - our living room was off limits as well!

Sandra - it's so tasty. How can you abandon Jennifer? I crave her like ice cream.

Kelley - you are adorable. Yes come over. It's not clean.

SG - The Pit! Loving this!

Heather - you and silvergirl and Sara Louise and LoLo have named my room. Love it! I do.

Sara Louise - the pit; love it again and again.

tPretty - you are very sweet to say since I know you rock the decorating.

LoLo - aaaaah! lol

Steve - wouldn't it be fun though?

Suzanne said...

I remember the pit! My mom totally wanted to get one in the 70's. My dad wouldn't let her. Now I have one that's huge, almost as big as the pit. I got it in light blue -- I know, what was I thinking? I'll be having teenagers rocking out to guitar hero as well. But I totally needed some color after the tile in various shades of mud and the yellowish-gold walls. I went with purple curtains too and it looks awesome.

Marla said...

What fun!! Everything looks great.