Friday, March 18, 2011


Is it weird to love a fixture this much?

It looks very cool at night when lit. Casts a good light, yet not intrusive. I generally hate overhead fixtures because NOTHING looks good with overhead lighting. Ha!


Totally forgot it is Friday!

Here's a recycled hot one. Because who can resist Brian McNight?


Karen said...

Yeah, huh? I even like his watch.

I hate overhead lighting too... as you get older it illuminates every freak'n flaw. That light looks very cool! Perfect in your house. I'm curious to know what the light looks like in the evening.

Thanks for your kind words today, my friend.

The Empress said...

You teaser!!

I clicked over and thought, "NO! Don't tell me she dropped Hot Men Friday!!! for...for..remodels??"


He's so Hot Men Friday.

Thank you.

thumbs up, sister: on the light fixture AND our pretty boy here

Anonymous said...

Like Karen... would love to see it lit at night. I prefer table lamps, seems we hardly ever use our overheads.


T said...

Never HAVE liked overhead lighting. I'm all about lighting. Lighting is HUGE. I prefer natural, and next in line is indirect of diffused. I rarely turn my overhead on in my office; I keep three lamps lit most of the time. Nuff about THAT.

As for Brian McKnight? Ohmercyyyy. He's so sexy-cute! Love the man's voice/music. "Crazy Love" is one of my favorites.

Good choice, D.

Pearl said...

Not weird to love that particular fixture at all. I love it!!

As for Brian McKnight? :-)


silvergirl said...

So worried that there were no HOT MEN today!
Whew! Brian can sing to me any day and would be especially nice if he sang to me while in the room with your fabulous light fixture.

Ms. A said...

It DOES look like a sputnik! Brought back memories... my dad used to call me that!

J.J. in L.A. said...

That IS one hot one! : )

I love the light! I have a fixture in my room that I adore. I'll send you a pic and tell you the story behind it.

Tanya said...

that is a super cool fixture! i'd love to see how it lights up the room!

Marla said...

Very pretty. Both of em.

Marnie said...

Love the light fixture! Great Friday hottie :0)

Suzanne said...

That's totally sputnik! Where did you find that? It looks great there.