Friday, August 29, 2014

The First Haircut

Spud was born with an inordinate amount of hair. Rather thick for a brand new baby. Oh - I think they're called "newborns".


It didn't fall out like some newborn hair does. Some got rubbed off in the back when he was tiny tiny from all the back-positioning that happens with babies now.

But the first hair he was born with has stayed.

Bella and he participated in a series of University of Minnesota studies and for one of them she had to give them a lock of Spud's hair and (I think) nail clippings. So they could measure . . . measure . . . oh I forget what they were going to measure. Great fun though. Geekness runs deep in this family and this kind of stuff outweighs just about everything else. Yes!

When Bella mentioned that she and The Big B were going to take Spud for his first haircut I begged to be an annoying part with my camera. All in I think I took 81 shots. Hoooya!

Which I was. Annoying that is.
Now he looks like a little man. My adorable little potato.

Hang on all my hooches. Fall is approaching - can you feel it? I will be so sorry to let go of this perfect summer.

How you doin'?


Anonymous said...

Spud looks GREAT! What? Only 81 photos? LOL You go Granny cakes.

David Macaulay said...

Aww cute - Spud - erm interesting name..

Ms. A said...

He's adorable! His hair looks lighter than when he was born?

I cried when my daughter cut the babies' hair, rather than just trimming it out of his eyes. She keeps it super short. I cried when she cut both of the girls' hair, too. They had such gorgeous, long hair, that really made them stand out.

amanda said...

He is such a beautiful babe! I love this little man.
Asa's hair fell out like you mentioned and then Ani was covered, I mean, is covered in hair - everywhere. Poor girl.
K looks so much like Bella. He's a little mini - her. Beautiful, beautiful- both of them.

Karen Ann said...

ooooh, that precious face! My son has had that hair from birth too.. just love it.

T said...

Oh, how adorable, that little man! That cut made all the difference. He has oodles of style now, just like his Gigi!

Love this.

And as much as I adore fall, I'll be sorry to let go of summer too.

The last weekend of summer in our clutches, let's make it noteworthy, I say!

So. Cal. Gal said...

That is one adorable Spud you've got there! I remember my niece being born with black hair (made us wonder what my s-i-l had been up to). Then it fell out and she grew a lovely head full of blonde curls. Shwew!

I've been AWOL because life has been boring. Summer usually is, thank goodness (no Dr. appts.)