Saturday, November 30, 2013

Be Thankful, Even for the Mess

Thanksgiving came and went. Pup and I watched movies yesterday nearly non-stop. Some of the mess from the previous days activities still hanging around in The Big Room. It really looked so lovely at the beginning of the day Thursday.

But I didn't take any photos.

"Momma! You haven't taken any photos today." My Bella said at the end of the day.

I was in the kitchen mostly. In the kitchen doing a bit of damage control. My friend AB was helping me thank god and thank you AB. The aftermath of a big meal is sometimes horrendous! I walk in there and think, "F- it. I'm moving." Mostly because I just don't know where to start.

But you do. Start that is. And it gets cleaned up. I'm kinda getting why my own momma was tiring of having holidays after a while. So much work. And it feels, just a little bit, like no one cares.

It made me cranky. Not thankful. Kinda bitchy. "Vicious!" Pup always says. He loves a vicious-woman he says. I know he doesn't really think I'm vicious. But I am cranky.

So, pour me a drink and I'll clean the damn kitchen. Bah!


This little dude was there making everything worth it.
Yes, he really is that beautiful.


Pup and I are starting to poke around for something on a lake or river. Just a little chunk of something. For later. For now. No, despite my exclamation up there ^ we are not moving. I just like to kvetch.

Because I have to embrace all that I am. And right now I'm whining.

I'm also tired of the kinda Facebook life everyone is leading. You know what I mean; either everyone is perfect and happy and never needing to clean their house or a shower or they're politicking, passive-agressiving (which I am the queen of), leaving cryptic "words of wisdom" all over the f-ing place, or simply saying stupid stuff. Oh, I do it too! Don't let me get away with pretending I don't! That place is kinda a swamp. The smart ones lurk and sit down.

I'm not really this vicious in real life. I just like to play one on the internet.
indulging my vintage in my office
I do think I worry too much about what is right and what is thought. Yesterday I was poking around at one of my favorite poke-around shops and I was feeling pressured by a few people behind me that were wanting to be standing where I was standing. Sometimes, most times, I might move to let them in. Yesterday I widened my stance, shot one of them a small smile, and finished my browsing in the section I was in.

I felt amazing. Not aggressive. Not bitchy. I just felt empowered for a minute. There are ways to be effective without being bitchy Deborah.

Whooooo ya!

It's day three of the long weekend. What are you doing today?


Anonymous said...

It is just the two of us on Thanksgiving.... not necessary to have a huge meal, but he insists, helps cook it and also helps clean up. Next year I will be 60, and he will be 63. I just don't want to do it anymore. Would rather buy something and heat it up or just have a turkey sandwich or maybe a bowl of chili.

I would have widened my stance too!

Oh, and that baby is soooo gorgeous! Just a perfect guy. xox

Ms. A said...

I haven't figured out how to be effective and not be bitchy. People wouldn't recognize me!

Deborah, that baby is gorgeous!!!

David Macaulay said...

yay for the old passive aggressive triumph - rather like those myself. Well one advantage of a broken fridge is no turkey and no mess even if Cracker Barrel had no booze --- argh

T said...

Your posts can be JUST the right therapy for me, I think. It's why I crave them so.

Ditto to pretty much everything.

I want even the little things to be noticed...appreciated...

That child is absolutely gorgeous. I stared and stared. Kiss him for me.

T said...

And oh, yeah...awesome blog header.