Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hell the Hello!

Yesterday was Pup's birthday.

We celebrated with Lorenzo and RM at one of Pup's favorite places. Can we all guess what kind of meat was involved? Oh yes, steak!

The most fun for me is just hanging out with my kids. I'm really turning into such a water-logged kind of woman. Disgusting!  :)

Love is a weird thing.

It hits me at times when I'm not expecting it. And it would be hard to explain to young 20-somethings. They just don't know. That's okay, I once didn't know. I thought I did, but I didn't.


Here's what I'm thinking about lately. Lara Antipova. I always wanted to look like Lara Antipova. Her long skirts, cozy sweaters, fur, fantastic face, and tragic loving.
I hear snow is coming. I'll have to (finally) put away my flats and pull on those boots. I think I'm the only one in Minnesota who hasn't worn boots yet this year. I just couldn't do it.

But it will be fun once it does start!

Get out there and squeeze the water from those damn logs my peeps.


Anonymous said...

I liked Lara too, especially her awesome furry hat!

Ms. A said...

Happy Birthday, Pup!

I totally understand what you mean about hanging out with your kids. I'm the same way.

Lara is beautiful and almost exotic looking. Omar wasn't too shabby either.

I don't have any boots, but I have had to resort to turning on the heater. It's cold for Texas.

No photos of that adorable baby? I know, I know... trying to keep it all to yourself. Stingy!

Karen said...

I just started lugging the boots out... noooo, already? Yup. It was 19 degrees yesterday morning. Holy crow.

I haven't known Lara.. until now, quite the beauty.

No pics of the BABE???

deb-oh-rah said...


Lara and Omar -- remembering when we saw that movie. We were just babies ourselves.

T said...

Haven't seen that movie. But I'd like to.

She's hauntingly beautiful!

Love my boots. I want more! Lots and lots of boots...

Bonnie said...

Don't forget her white lipstick. I just saw a few minutes of the beautiful Vanessa Redgrave in "Camelot" -- I think of the same era -- and the same pale, pale lipstick!