Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shower Her with Love

Bella and her Grandma
My daughter, Lorenzo, and I hosted a baby shower for the Baby-Doll at my house last weekend. Barnabee jetted off back home on Thursday (her son came to Minnesota to accompany them on the plane - so nice!) and I have talked to my dad a time or two since they arrived home. He sounds so tired. Now that he's back home I am trying to not worry about what is going to happen next. I have no control over that so . . . so . . . I don't know what! I'll think about that later Miss Scarlett.

So the Baby-Doll shower. Thursday evening, after Pup and I drove Barnabee to the airport where I nearly lost their luggage, (that's another story for another day) Lorenzo and I braved the huge and efficient Costco and Party City for shower food and fun.

Friday evening Bella came over to help me clean Chez Emerson (lovely girls I have) and watching her work around her growing belly just fills my heart with unbelievable joy. I am seriously in love with this baby. It's a little scary. I'm going to relish being a Gigi. Whoooha! Love love love - all you need is love.

On Saturday morning Lorenzo and Bella came early to help set up. Lorenzo came bearing little naked-baby ice cubes (omg - so adorable we were dying), makings for mimosas, and a million other things. (I could tell the story of the adorable RM - Lorenzo's boy - having to come not once, but twice to our house bringing things forgotten, but let's leave it that he's an amazing man and good in a pinch. You have to love a man that will be there for you even though he'd rather not. Smooches to RM)

Lorenzo is a very linear thinker. Thank god. I'm a very randomized thinker. Thank god again. Bella is very diplomatic. God is good to me.

Between all of us things got done although at one point while I was hunting down tiny scissors for a shower project I heard Lorenzo exclaim, "Where is she now??" I have always wished my brain worked in a predictable way, but it doesn't. I weave and bob rather than march along. Very, very easily distracted. I think this feeds my creativity. I like this explanation much more than any other that could explain my brain. Ha! I am laughing! Thank you God, yet again.

The shower invitees were my family, Bella's in-laws, my wasband's family including his wife, Pup's family, all my friends that have known Bella - new and old. Yes, we did it all in a swoop. My longtime and lovely friend Reechie thought me insane. I told her, "It will work. It will." And it did.

I didn't get a photo of it, but at one point, both of my mother-in-laws were sitting in a large chair together and I couldn't resist saying, "Both of my momma-in-laws are here!" If this makes anyone uncomfortable I'm sorry. The two of them looked happy. I hope they were.

And even though I did shush one of my sister-in-laws (oh I am such a pain in the ass) the afternoon went well. Bella received lots of lovely things for the Baby-Doll, we ate really good, and it was fun to see people that I haven't seen in ages.

Only one person from my family came and that was a wonderful surprise for all of us. My lovely, lovely niece (my brother's daughter) and her two gorgeous and energetic daughters. That meant a lot to Bella and to me that she came. It couldn't have been comfortable for her and I love it that she put that aside.

After the shower, my friends Deb-oh-rah, Shelley-belly, Teri (Bella's godmother), and wasband's wife stayed along with both of my girls. We sat in the living room talking like girls talk and the laughing and stories were endless entertainment for Pup who pretended to hide in the office "working".

We suddenly looked up and saw that it was 10:30! The shower had started at 2:00. I got a note from Teri a day or two later stating that it was not only the most fun shower she has ever attended, but the longest as well. Ha!

I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is sooooo gorgeous and her happiness just totally shines through in the photo. Glad you all had a fun time! Grandma looks happy too!

Karen said...

Are you THRILLED beyond thrilled to be a grandmother? Such exciting times for you :-) And a lovely party you threw for your daughter, it's a beautiful thing all around.

I like the new blog look!

Ms. A said...

I know you already know your daughters are a blessing... BUT JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU GET YOUR HANDS ON THAT BABY! And just think, you get to feel all that overpowering love, without having to go through labor!

David Macaulay said...

and you soo don't look old enough to be a grandmother...

deb-oh-rah said...

A wonderful time -- lots of laughter, family, friends -- couldn't have ordered a better day. You are surely blessed. :-)

Bonnie said...

So fun and exciting for the GiGi to be!
Your daughter sure looks like you!

Deborah said...

DCH - She is gorgeous! Pregnancy really agrees with her. She is just sailing through it all.

Karen - thank you!

Ms A - I will be coming to you for granny advice. I can't wait I can't wait.

David - you are so sweet to think so, but believe me, I totally look old enough. I am old!

Deb - It was such a fun day!

Bonnie - thank you!

T said...

What a beautiful mommy-to-be! And how blessed she is to have such an adoring, creative, funny-and-fun-loving mother who pours out her love so generously in so many ways.

You are the BEST Gigi.

I'm excited for all of you.