Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Love Cocktails

I realized that the past three or more posts have had a photo of a cat. Enough already. I'm starting to scare myself. Hehehe

Here's where my head is this morning. I had a gin and tonic on the deck last night with Momma Bee (she had a Dr Pepper) and while I normally don't drink too much gin, it was delicious and refreshing. And it was alcohol.


My Makers Mark is in The Guest House which is at my BIL's shop. Gah! What was I thinking leaving that important thing in the galley?? So thoughtless of me.

According to these photos I stole from Facebook, I'm the coolest person ever because I drink Manhattans, red wine, and whiskey.

Well, I always knew it. Now it's official.

It's all smoke and mirrors! But smoke and mirrors do belong in a bar and I would LOVE to be in a bar right now even though it is 10:30 in the morning.

I'm kidding!

Is your bed made yet today? Get on it!

Smooches on your pooches.


Anonymous said...

WOW.. you ARE cool.. LOL

And nope... i don't make the bed... Hubby does. :)

T said...


It's ALL true. You have it all, girl!

Ms. A said...

I'll join you!

Bonnie said...

100% humidity today. If that's not G & T weather, I don't know what is!!

Sara Louise said...

I always wanted to be a sophisticated lady and thanks to my red wine consumption, I'm well on my way :)

Deborah said...

Nothing like a little FB validation to make a girl feel cool hmm?

Bonnie - you aren't a kiddin'!
tPretty - I do look better in a smoky mirror! lol!

Marla said...

I am now late for work. I hope you're happy.