Monday, May 13, 2013

Yesterday Was Momma's Day

My Momma's Day present. I love anything in threes. As I said yesterday when given this beautiful necklace, "My family is much bigger than three, but two perfect girls came from me and that makes three." I might be mangling that exact memory, but this is what I meant. We are three women. Once they were two babies. This isn't better than that, but I sure love this. Love them. Hard. I love them hard.

When I was a young momma and my girls were small, the most wonderful gift I could imagine for momma's day would have been a day away from their wonderful little selves. Only because I was a stay at home momma for many years and it just always sounded heavenly. A day or two away, all alone, with a pile of books, and no agenda.

Now, the best momma's day is spending time with them. And their boys. I just love them so much! Sheesh I'm annoying today!

So - great momma's day. We grilled even though it was a bit brisk outside. Which meant we hung inside instead of out with my new deck furniture. That's okay. Summer is coming. It really is.

This week we all are preparing to go on vacation together. All six of us. Pup, me, Bella, her Big B, Lorenzo, and her RM. I need to settle on RM's nickname! I've had BT and now RM - decide!

Mexico is calling our name.


T said...

Beautiful necklace, woman! I love "circles" for jewelry. Makes me think of how love goes on and on with no ending. You are blessed indeed. A perfect Mother's Day for you!

Sweetly endearing times coming your way...and Mexico soon with all your lovies. Lucky you!

Karen said...

OOoh, love that necklace the the sentiment!.... and you lucky girl!! Enjoy that vacation with the crew... awesome!! And this time, take more pics so those of us who don't get to Mexico will know what it looks like :-)

Ms. A said...

Yeah, be sure to take photos for those who AREN'T going. Love the necklace!

Ray Denzel said...

happy mommy's day!

Sara Louise said...

That's a very pretty present!
I'm happy you had a nice Mommy's Day :)

Jennifer Richard said...

Happy mothers day. i love my mom always.