Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lick Your Lips for Me

. . . here is a random shopping find. I am always on the hunt for lipstick. I recently bought a lovely red Revlon lipstick after seeing Lorenzo wearing a red. I bought more of a blue red and although I love it, I've decided that when you are a woman of a wonderful age, which means not a 20 something, 30 something, or more, red lipstick thins the lips. I've seen it millions of times. Anything a bit too dark makes those lips look just like two skinny slashes of red and seems to make your skin look less than lustrous.

BTW - Revlon makes GREAT lipsticks. They all are wonderful. Makes you kissable.

I found what seems to be so far the perfect shade. It is incredible to many, if not all, skin tones. It makes my blue eyes POP! I mean they leap off my face.

Okay - they really don't, but this lipstick is great. The color is Revlon's Pink Truffle. It's not drying and revitalizes nicely when you apply a gloss over it later. Or just reapply. I like a little bit of a wetter look now and then so I gloss over it. And it is great on its own.
My little tip from me to you. Not that you asked, but I do love to give.  ;)

One little random shot from the other fun night with my friend, Reechie. We played Bingo at Stanley's in Northeast Minneapolis. We were losers, but not really. A perfect evening with my perfect friend.
Rock your lipstick today hooches. All the shades. 


Ms. A said...

There isn't a lipstick around that will give me full, luscious lips, although I always wear it when I leave the house. I barely have any lips at all. Guess that goes with all the other things I don't have, like nice hair, eyebrows, great skin, boobs...

T said...

Agreed. Red lipstick is not a 50-something's friend.

I've always thought pink liptick washed me out. Maybe it depends on the shade.

Love Revlon though. Sunwash. One of my favorites. It's a neutral that works with all colors/seasons/outfits.

You should do a blog post on YOUR EYES.