Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What Happens at Gigi's, Stays at Gigi's

I love how sometimes I click in here, the empty "new post" page - white, blank, and waiting for me to fill it with my words; but I have NO IDEA what I want to say.

Many times during the day, I'll have a stray thought. A thought about how I feel or a thought about an idea or a thought about a rant. I think, "You should jot that down. Write about it later." Then I don't. The thought runs away. Typical!

Like right now! Nothing in particular I want to say. Or plenty I want to say, but can't settle in and do it.

Random Thoughts
  • Run and see Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr is so adorable you want to put his little nugget body in your pocket and keep him with you forever. The movie is wonderful. I love this franchise!
  • I also loved Oblivion. I don't want to put Tom Cruise in my pocket though. But I did enjoy this movie. It was unexpectedly sweet and sometimes Sci Fi really floats it for me. Not always. This time it did.
  • Parts of southern Minnesota got over 17 inches of snow last week. It snowed here in the cities, but we missed that kind of accumulation. That makes me happy.
  • Yesterday, even though I was working in the home office on a deadline, the warm air and sun outside was making me very very happy.
  • My daughter Bella is having a baby. This is not a random thought, but it randomly sprints into my brain at least 20 times a day. A baby! Baby baby baby. I cry about it all the time. Tears squirting out that contain my joy.
  • My grandma name is Gigi. Thank you to all the southern grandmas that use that name and who ever knew that I'd be thanking The Tumbler for learning about that particular grandma name. One bright spot among a couple from the experience of working there. Gigi is perfect. I used to be known as G.G. - the Graphics Goddess - at my corporate job by a few people. I'm taking it!
  • Bella said I should be Glamma. We stole that phrase from Goldie Hawn years before one of the Housewives started using it! I kinda love Glamma as well.
  • On this kick - I am trying like HELL to not be annoying with my Bella. I want to touch her belly all the time and I have to curb all my intentions to pummel her with information. Take a breath and sit down Deborah. Done.
See? The random thoughts turned into an announcement. Our family will soon be enjoying fighting over a baby. Pup and I are winning. I am the momma's momma. Who can argue with that?

Ebb and flow today my hooches. Gigi is in the house.


Bonnie said...

Super happy for you, GiGi!

Ray Denzel said...

I like random thoughts as a post.
xoxo gigi

Karen said...

I LOVE GIGI!!!! We often joke with the kids.. and they say.. what are OUR kids gonna call you?...and Grandma or Nana, which have been used in our familys.. just doesn't seem to fit. Gigi would be perfect!!...

and CONGRATULATIONS!!! ohh... the baby clothes you can buy!!!..

deb-oh-rah said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So happy! Can't wait to buy for the little one!!!

David Macaulay said...

Congrats - funnily enough my cat is called Gigi

T said...

A new baby! How beautiful. I'd be thinking baby, baby, baby non-stop too.

Love your choice, GiGi. It is definitely perfect for YOU.

If I had to choose, random or methodical, I'd choose random without blinking.

Random is ALWAYS more fun.

Ms. A said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Grandchildren are the BEST... and when they aren't, we can send them home.

Danielle L. Green said...

Congrats to you, Gigi!

Sara Louise said...

I think Gigi is a fantastic nickname :)
Congrats to Bella!

Anonymous said...

I have those random thoughts throughout the day too... usually when I am driving somewhere and by the time I get home the thought is gone. DANG... some of them were really great ideas too! LOL

Congrats, Gigi!!