Sunday, November 11, 2012

Never Bored

Are you that kind of person? The kind that is never bored?

I have to honestly say that I am never bored. I don't know what that says about me, good or bad. It has always seemed to me that if you truly are feeling bored, you are the responsible one for that. How can we expect others to constantly entertain us? Not that I don't get entertained by others, cuz I love being entertained!

I have had the flu for the past couple of days. Maybe more than a couple of days. They have kinda run into each other like they do when you're sick. I was shocked to come-to this morning and realize it is Sunday. What the hell? I lost at least three days somewhere in there.

But this morning, while my head is still stuffed and my brain a little less than, at least I do not feel feverish at all (not that I don't enjoy feeling a bit feverish - ha!) and maybe I can have a Sunday and get to a few things.

How do you cope with being sick? What do you wear?

For me, since I was literally a hot mess (at one point Pup remarked, "your arse is on fire!" - not meant in that oh my god so hot kind of way) and then a shivering mess, I chose to cozy up in the Big Room with a sheet and pillows on my part of the pit-couch, next to the fireplace, wearing my coziest sweatpants and camisole with a hoodie so the hoodie could come off and go on and come off and go on and come off and go on. You get the picture.

Sidebar: I just resisted, at least three times, inserting an emoticon. Some things really never change.

Yesterday morning I had dragged my feverish, hot arse down to the Big Room rather early, I think 5 a.m. or so, all the pets were in there with me hanging out, and it started raining. Then it began to sound like golf balls were bouncing off of the roof of the Big Room. So loud!

I ran to the back door to look out and discovered hail was falling - loudly and thickly.

I placed these two examples to show size. That watch has a very large face.

I haven't seen hail like that in years!


It feels like the start of the weekend to me peeps, but it isn't. I'll still say - get on it!

I'm going to find some mind-finding pharmaceuticals to help me and get on it as well.

Smooch - unless you're afraid of contagion.


Lisa Schultz said...

I'm not afraid Sis,smooches back! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Ms. A said...

I figure I'll probably end up with the flu, since my granddaughter has it and I've been keep her. Boy, is she sick! Poor baby.

We've had cars damaged by hail twice, both across town... in the same location... a couple of years apart. I'm not a fan of that white stuff!

Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

That's some HUGE HAIL! Wow!! Great shot of it too that early in the morning. You're still sicko? ugh Try to get well soon please.

Karen said...

Well I sure hope you're feeling better today.. and I use Alka Selter Plus cold and flu... it works wonders.

David Macaulay said...

hmmm seldom have much time to feel bored but felt it a bit when holed up during hurricane - hope ya feel better soooon. That does sort of conform with the old cliche ofhail stones as big as golf balls.

T said...

Never ever bored either.

I can't even imagine being bored.

Sorry to hear you've been so sick and happy to know you're feeling better.

We've had ferocious winds and crazy snows, but no hail lately. That IS huge hail. Did it damage your cars?

Godspeed and a smooch backatcha!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Wow! That would've been SO cool to see! We rarely get hail. Heck, we barely get rain. ; )

I'd say that I'm 'rarely' bored, but I do have my moments. Usually on a Sunday when there's nothing on tv, no one on Facebook and everyone I know is doing something interesting (without me).

I hope you're feeling better today!

Sara Louise said...

That hail is crazy big!
Hope you're feeling better :)

R. Jacob said...

retirement could bring boredom so I won't retire!

I have been sick for over two weeks, finally ending for me.

feel better