Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Sharp Cookie

We are all in agreement yes? Best cookie ever?
My horoscope for today says I am one sharp cookie.

I laughed right out loud. Not because I disagree - I am a sharp cookie - but because what the hell is a sharp cookie? I'm certain it's better than a dull cookie, or a crooked cookie, or a dumb ass. Yeah, I'd much rather be called a sharp cookie than a dumb ass. Even though I've had dumb ass moments. But I might be drifting off from my point. I am not only a point misser, but a point drifter. Ha!

I just amused myself like you wouldn't believe.

But back to the sharp cookie.

I could google it, but I don't want to. I want to revel in the weirdness of that phrase.

Metaphors. Those things we repeat and might not even understand why we say them.

Is this one a metaphor? I couldn't have cared less.

Mostly I see this written wrongly. I see I could have cared less. Which really messes you up because then you're thinking, "What? Do you care or don't you?" It's not so bad if there is room for caring less.

Again - I'm drifting off point.

How about:
  • apple of my eye - what the hell? This one kinda scares me when I think too long about it.
  • half baked
  • love is a battlefield - Oh Pat Benetar - you had me at We Belong.
  • the point being
  • grilling the witness - everything really does taste better on the grill yes?
  • you're really in a pickle
  • food for thought
  • music to my ears
  • recipe for disaster
  • my blood is boiling
  • keep your eyes peeled
What are your favorite metaphors? Do you say things and not realize how weird they sound (I see the irony! Ha!)

Meanwhile, I'm having my morning coffee and feel the need to search around for a cookie. Sharp or not.


Sarah said...

If the shoe fits...

T said...

Cliches. The world is FULL of them! And they provide food for thought when I come upon one I've not heard of before. Thus, my reference library at the office includes "The Dictionary of Cliches," because lawyers are notorious for cliches.

Three I use regularly off the top of my head are:

Achilles' heel
Beat(ing) a dead horse
Come up for air

My judge's absolute favorite -- says it at least once a week in court, if not more -- "Let's get to the rat killing, shall we?"

Ms. A said...

I find myself using a lot of the sayings I was raised with.

Gag a maggot.
Like a mad dog in a meat house.
Jerk a knot in your tail.
Rode hard and put up wet (or muddy).
Above your raisin'.
Pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out.

Deborah said...

Sarah - Yeah! That one!

Tpretty - let's get to the rat killing??? I've never heard that one! I kinda like it.

Ms A - above your rainin'. How does that one work? I think I like it.