Thursday, July 26, 2012

If I Knew How to Get There . . .

. . . I wouldn't have to ask.

Another one of my phrases I may have heard somewhere, but I don't know where; so I claim it as my own. Yes, it's mine. I gave birth to it. I pushed that out. I need a push-present. A push-present for writing! Brilliant!

The phrase means a lot to me. I believe in lifelong learning. Without it I'd still be thinking that mall-bangs are a good idea. They were never a good idea!

So, along with all the nutritional and health research I do, I've stumbled on a new idea for my chronic insomnia. Seems there is a link with liver problems and insomnia. Una qué sorpresa enorme!

When I was seven years-old I contracted hepatitis.  My memory of the whole event is being told I got sick because I didn't wash my hands thoroughly enough after peeing. I was a weird little kid and nearly washed off my skin thereafter. And having hepatitis compromised my liver a little bit.

When I was 18 years-old I caught mononucleosis. Romantically called "the kissing disease." I was an incredibly healthy young woman and kicked it in about three weeks. I do remember the doctors being a bit surprised. But again, my liver was mentioned as having a few "down" spots. I never really paid much attention.

So I'm doing some reading the other day and, just as a BTW moment in the book, it is thrown out there that liver issues cause insomnia.

Holy Hannah.

I started jumping for joy; which is a bit over-reactive, but insomnia will do that to people! Ha!

I'm beginning a quest to detoxify my liver. I have a bad feeling pinot noir won't be involved. Sad!

Here is the list of things to try so far. The first thing is my diet may be too acidic.
  • juice wheat grass (this one makes me want to poke out my eyes with hot sticks)
  • green juices (what the hell are these?)
  • tissue acidity equals toxicity
  • alkaline water in glass bottles
  • exercise

I'll report back!


T said...

It has to be a relief to have learned this bit of info.

Sponge it up, girl. Our brains can hold far more than we could ever imagine. Keep us posted on what you find out.

Good rest is vital.

T said...


I wanted to share with you that some foods can help to detoxify the liver, and you may want to make these part of your everyday fuel. I eat these foods pretty much on a daily basis, or at least most days of the week:

veggies (high fiber fruits & veggies)
green tea

The high fiber content of foods in their natural state will bind to the toxins in the liver and help to keep it flushed.