Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do You Ever . . .

Ironic shot of not-cute feet. Yes, I am fixing that polish this morning.
And yes, that is a huge bruise on my toe. Don't ask.

Do you ever . . .

not look something up in Google just because you WANT to keep your preconceived notions about your misinformation? (sheepish)

get up, start with your day, doing this and trying that, and realize at noon that you are not dressed and still running around with bed hair and remnants of mascara under your eyes?

take scoops of peanut butter right out of the jar with a spoon?

wonder aloud how people can resist you? (this one makes me laugh because, well . . . , because I'm damn funny)

move piles of crap on your desk to this place and that place until, finally, you have missed any window of completion/opportunity that may have been open?

touch the screen of your laptop then get mad because it isn't responding like your iPad would? (I'm innocent/I'm not innocent)

think your feet are the cutest things you've ever seen?

eat liver pate for supper?

email so much from your phone that your thumbs hurt?

wonder what happened to that English teacher that made that huge difference in your life?

loved a friend even though they are the hottest mess you've ever known?

ignore turn signals when someone is trying to change lanes? (I personally believe that a turn signal is a demand, not a request - move your arse! Be assertive! I am convinced I will fry in hell)


Have you voted for the name of my camper yet? Please Vote! Otherwise I'll have to name it Kiki just because no one has picked that one yet and I feel sorry for it.

Have a beautiful weekend hooches! I'm off to the land of no consequences and no pretensions. Not to mention, no worries. I'll write from jail.


Ms. A said...

Can I go? Will you be taking your as yet unnamed camper?

Karen said...

Me too??.....

Deborah said...

I would take you two anywhere.