Friday, November 6, 2009

I Love My House

I do. Especially right after I make it tidy. It's tiny and tidy.

I was having a very fun afternoon listening to an iTunes playlist and cooking while having a glass of wine. Dancing around like a spazz. We had Momma B over for red sauce. I must admit I was a tad sauced by the time dinner was served. Is that bad? Ha!


Blasé said...

Yeah, I'm all about Decor, too (believe it or not..I'm the decorator). Are those hardwoods cold to the footsies? Lovely home. We get plenty of compliments on our 'style', too.

I had my wife look at the baby dancing video. It's killing me!

Leigh said...

Beautiful space and I love days like that when all is in its place and music, wine and company are involved.. Perfect :)

Pearl said...

Good God, Deborah! How are you?! I'm sure you're missing the workplace huh?!

Lovely place, btw. :-)