Saturday, August 22, 2015


This is weekend four at Camp George.
Yes, his head is that large. And hard.

I'm trying out this name for our place. We're liking Camp George so far.

I now have about 1300 square feet of new place filled with what we need. It's a bit shocking to me that so much of what is here at the cabin was found in my house at home. Yes, I am most certainly a hoarder. I'm not ashamed. Take off those judging sunglasses! You know you'd love to be me.  ;)


And then there were the weeks of Craigslist chasing I did. That was rather fun. And exhausting. Craigslist people are crazy. Nuff said about that. And I did lots and lots of thrifting. Thrifting is cool because you do not know what's around the corner until you find it.

Like this spot in the cabin living room.
A $20 leather chair from Craigslist. I think the lovely lady I bought this from just wanted this monster out of her basement. Enter Pup with his freakishly strong self. She kept repeating over and over, "He's so strong!" I know! Freakishly! The table I found at Goodwill for $5. Yeah! I'm serious as a pimple. $5!! The leather ottoman is from a friend's estate sale and there's a much cooler lamp on the table now, but this lamp has found a new home in the cabin loft. Rotate and spin.

Speaking of lamps . . .
I know. An obsession from my past. But I could not resist when I saw this last week. He'll watch over us in the cabin loft!

And you know we need watching.


Ms. A said...

LOVE the chair! Girl, that was a steal!

T said...

Camp George. Perfect.

Everything needs a name.

And all those cool bargains. The sense of achievement we get when we find these is indescribable. The chair is indeed the deal of the century. But that owl lamp was waiting for YOU.

Now listen, you're going to have to spotlight your bargains at least once a week. I'll be watching!