Thursday, August 27, 2015

Filling All My Dreams

Absolutely no artwork up anywhere, but here are a few shots around the loft and of the new ceiling fans Pup installed.

I'll be tweaking forever from now on. It's always fun searching for stuff. I have a few ideas for the living room walls.

No more nipple lights. Anyone that has seen newer construction knows what I'm talking about. Bam! Gone!
Our bedroom. We're sleeping on a queen sized bed. It's cozy!
Loft bunk beds. 
That futon turns into a double bed. 
View from top of stairs.
Guest room. When Bella and Spud are here it's their room. 
Living Room - Pup's bachelor couch reestablished 


T said...

Oh, wow! Everything looks tidy and complete. So much space! It's FULLY FURNISHED! You're all set! (And way ahead of me!)

It's so exciting -- I know it's all your mind wants to think about. Understandably.

Nipple lights? Uh, I give up.

I love those fans. That's the style I want/need. Where did you get them?

T said...

Oh, I get it now


Ms. A said...

Looks like you have lots of room! I see lots of family time spent here and Spud growing up loving it!

Pepper Medley said...

You area going to have so much fun playing at the lake and also filling the cabin! So jealous!!