Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We Bought a Zoo

Hey! Long time no annoy!


Rectify people - rectify.


. . . we bought a cabin
The lake is at the top of the photo.

I grew up with a cabin. From around sixth grade or so my family had a cabin on a smallish lake in Wisconsin. They owned it until my youngest daughter was around 18 months or so. Just when we were starting to go back up there! You know, you get to a certain age in your 20s and all that is important to you are your friends, your boyfriend, and what parties you are either throwing or going to.

But then you get married and you want to start hanging around your parents again especially up at the cabin. Sad dad!

But, I did grow up with a cabin. I remember wearing your swimsuit all day. Waterskiing all day. Boating all day. Putting a sweatshirt over your shorts at night. Tangly, lake hair. Playing "Oh Shit" and Cribbage at the large kitchen table at night. Watching my momma drink Gimlets and laughing.

Pup and I wanted that.

Pup grew up much differently than I. He was a city boy. I was a suburb girl until halfway through high school, then my family moved to the cities. But he was city through and through. He jumped fences at golf courses and played. I knew how to dock a large, wooden boat that had a cabin cockpit.

He had a paper route. I babysat. He walked to school a few blocks. I took a school bus. He played baseball in a baseball field. I played baseball in the street. Where the cars dare not drive.

So my city boy now has a cabin.

The city boy and the suburb girl have had a few growing pains regarding the cabin.

We have friends that live near our cabin. They live on a lake all year round. Deb-oh-rah and Mikey have been invaluable to us; teaching us lake life. The part of lake life my parents took care of and I had no idea.

Last week Pup made a run to town to get a bunch of "cabin" crap. A large list of crap. He hit some roadblocks and gave Mikey a call. Mikey showed up and helped Pup troubleshoot a million lake home problems.

Mikey has become a superhero in our house let me tell you.

So I now have "lake" clothes in a closet at the cabin. I have two kitchens. I get to decorate another place in an ironic fashion.

I forget to bring things to the cabin. I forget to bring things home. I love it.


Marla said...

This is AWESOME!!! So happy for you!!!

deb-oh-rah said...

:-) Happy to have you just a few miles away.

Ms. A said...

If that's a photo of it, that's no cabin AND, if you are taking the photo from the cabin, it's mighty high up there!

I'm officially jealous. My Dad bought my sister and me a cabin, but when he passed away I gave her my half. I should have fought for it, but just didn't have the energy.

T said...

Still crazy excited for you. And seeing these pics makes me even more happy and enchanted with your new dream space. (She's right, THAT'S no cabin.) And take stuff, leave stuff, forget stuff, repeat. Gotta find a rhythm, don't we?

It's absolutely divine. I want to be on that pier, flat on my back, staring at the sky. The music of water and nature all around me.

That is THE LIFE.

Dancing in celebration for you here! Big hugs, my friend.

Karen Ann said...

Good for you!! Awesomeness!!... I look forward to hearing more lake life stories...

Deborah said...

Marla - thank you girl! xxoo

deb - it's going to be so fun hanging out with you guys. And you and I get to thrift and auction!

Ms A - It's true, it's more like a sweet house. The aerial shot was taken I don't know how! The former owners had it and gave us a framed print of that shot! So sweet.

tPretty - huge smooches to you my friend xxoo

Karen - Thank you!