Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feeling Grace

I don't have an interesting life.
It's fascinating to me, but on the whole - pretty tame stuff.
. . . and February . . . can we talk about February? I need to find a way to love February. It could be Valentine's Day, but frankly, that little day kinda makes me yawn. Although I do love fresh flowers in the house. Lovely.
I seem to lose my joy in February. I'm going to think about that for more than a minute. This could change!

Feeling Grace:
  1. The Firm is going better than Pup could have imagined I think. New clients have been pouring in. One directly from my efforts. Wha?? Marketing! No wonder every marketing department I've ever worked for was the first to be cut in hard times. The payoff never looks tangible. It is, but it's  hidden. Deeply hidden. 
  2. Even when I'm bored with every damn thing in my house, if I clean it - it looks fantastic!
  3. We had a little celebration here and all of that wine did NOT get drank. It's all mine still baby.
  4. However, I made a huge dent in that carafe of Maker's Mark.
  5. Coffee - I feel an infinity with coffee. Especially in February.
  6. When the temperature is way below zero, it is always beautiful outside. Bright, snowy, bluest sky, quite lovely.
  7. Even though I have not driven the Pilot yet, I do love seeing it in the garage knowing I will be driving it when Pup goes back to his little summer car. In the summer. Ha! Not that he wouldn't let me drive it now, but he hates my Ruby (Jeep Wrangler) and I love it so why would I make him suffer needlessly? He suffers enough let me tell you.
  8. That's a lie - he's a pretty happy guy. Who wouldn't want to be married to me? (picture toe circling on the floor - perfect expression on my face - heh!).
  9. I've been smoothing on coconut oil after my shower every morning. It smells divine and I'm as smooth as K-Spud, super baby. For real!
  10. I've been getting manicures for a few months now and I have to say I feel happy when I look at my fingers. My nails are pretty. If that's shallow I'll have to live with it, because it's FEBRUARY!    :)
I know many parts of our country is having a WINTER! Many places are having snow when they usually get none, cold where they are not used it, and slippin' and sliddin' is NOT fun. Hang tight everyone. Seriously, stay home if you're not used to bad roads. Stay home and keep it warm if you can. Spring will get here. Sorry comfort I know, but we need to make February our favorite month yes?

Smooches to my sexy-ass hooches.

sorry, hard to not include this guy - love love love


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love and relate to #8. hee hee
Happy February and enjoy all that coffee!

T said...

That baby boy would have me so distracted, it wouldn't matter what month it is. I'd be consumed by his adorable self.

Manicures are totally essential for elevating a mood. And how I need one!

Stephen Andrew said...

Oh you're so right about solid marketing.
I'm excited to hear the thoughts on the Pilot. I'm thinking of getting one when my lease is up next summer.
A party in February certainly helps to brighten the winter blues. I'm loving this crazy winter. Although it's been disastrous for business! My schedule has cleared out so many times due to weather.
and lastly...OOOOOH he's so cuuuute.

Karen said...

What a beautiful baby boy, oh, you must be over the moon.

Except for the -february- part.