Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tequila and Love

We've been  home from our family vacation for a few weeks now.
Sitting area in our lovely room. 
Important poolside reading. 
Views from room. 
Pup got us the most beautiful room we've ever had. We were directly on the beach and were right above the little pergola where people were married every day. About five weddings on the beach every day we were there. I'm kinda estimating. There was a gorgeous setting off of the lobby where ceremonies were held as well.

The week was full of the usual shenanigans that accompany being away from home with endless amounts of free alcohol at your disposal. I won't mention any names, but one of us (could have been me) drank too much during the day at the pool and when she went back to her large and lovely room she swayed and tilted a bit in the shower wondering to herself, "Am I going to do the Mexico in Mexico?" Code for unbecoming behavior. She recovered enough to go to dinner with no ill effects. Score! Ha!

Hanging out with our kids was the best ever. We got to know the boys so much better. I'm in love with everyone in our family. We are so charming!

The boys, and sometimes the girls, played catch in the pool, we floated in the pool, we sunned ourselves like turtles by the pool.

We would get gussied up and go to dinner every night. We walked along the beach in the gorgeous dark, we did shots at the outdoor disco-like area. Even Pup did a shot or two. We laughed.

Our little grandbaby, safe in his momma (yes, it's a boy!) had a fantastic time as well. I hope Bella didn't find the rest of us too obnoxious. I'm certain she did a little bit.

When can I go back?


T said...

Great photos. Lovely lobby! Sounds like the ideal vacation. No wonder you want to go back.

"Even Pup did a shot or two..."

Is there hidden meaning here? LOL

You look SO PRETTY in that last shot of the family. What a great face, girl!

Ms. A said...

Envious of your trip and the beautiful surroundings. You can't imagine how much I need a beach... and maybe even some tequila, oh... and a tan.

Ms. A said...

Wait, make that a margarita, I'm way behind on margaritas!

Karen said...

OH, lovely lovely. And I'm so happy you took pics! thanks for sharing...

deb-oh-rah said...

Ouch. You're tattooed foot looks a bit sunburned.

What a great time! Such a lovely (growing) family.

Sara Louise said...

That looks like one fantastic family vacay!
P.S. So how was that poolside reading? xo