Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just in Time for Summer - SUMMER!

It's gorgeous. It's lovely. It's A+mazing. It is everything I want. And everything I need.

It rains some days. Long soaking rains that, even though they bring down tons of leaves and mini-branches from that f-ing cottonwood tree next door, (the biggest tree in my first-ring town out of Minneapolis) wash everything clean and shiny and frankly, feed my slightly morose side that loves gray, dreary days. Nothing wrong with a little dreary permission to feed that side for a minute.

But then out breaks the sun. The lovely sun. Flooding the sky, the yard, my hair - flooding good moods all around here.

I've been working on a bit of flowers around the Chez Emerson (yeah, me!) and enjoying how lovely their wet and droopy little heads look in the early morning and how proud and tall they are in the early afternoon.

I work on filling pots just out of George's reach; beyond the gated area of our yard. He cries with his ball in his mouth. He wants me to throw that ball a million times and then a million and one just because. I'm certain the neighbors think I'm killing him. He moans and wails - you've never heard such a din.

I run to Target to buy a few things and laugh out loud when I get to my car because I'm driving with the top down and get to simply throw everything through the roof. Who wouldn't love doing that? I drive around with my new summer hat and braid my hair so I can comb it later. Who cares about hair right now? It's a horrible mess, but I don't give a rat's ass. Well, maybe that rat does, but I sure don't. It's bad hair; I don't want to fight it.
I grill with Pup - yes, of course, that's me! Heh. We eat on the patio. We talk about the grandbaby that is coming. We talk about the next couple of months. We stare into space and daydream.

Yes, it's just in time.

btw - It's Paul McCartney's birthday! Hey Jude you dude.


Ray Denzel said...

down here, we are in the sweat season! love that picture, reminds me of Vargas drawings. I bet that is you!

Ms. A said...

I don't mind the heat, rain and humidity as long as I have no plans to get out in it. It's always a bad hair day around here! LOL!

Enjoy your weather... and dreams of that grandbaby coming!

Sara Louise said...

George is too gorgeous for words!