Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

I confess lots of stuff here on The Fashion Plate. I'm a blabber-mouth at times. Not all times. Some times.

My political leanings I'm kinda quiet about. Too polarizing and really, who cares what I think?

One place cares - I started volunteering (my darling Bella's idea and I hitched my arse to her committed wagon) a few weeks ago and in between driving Barnabee to the Mayo a million times this summer I've been enjoying myself oh so much doing my volunteer gig. I am now officially one of those incredibly annoying people that canvas targeted areas with phone calls. So sorry! Be glad you aren't in my calling district because I'm so persuasive. Before you know it you'll be saying, "Deborah! Of course I will do that! I will march right over there and do anything you ask of me!" I'm just that good! Ask Benjamin the coordinator. He wandered over to my phone station and said, "You're really good on the phone. I mean REALLY good." I have found my calling. After all these years. I told you I was annoying. What better way to prove it? If you saw me right now you'd see the hugest grin ever. I must love being annoying! And it's paying off. Enough said.

With all the Barnabee driving this summer I've neglected my Ruby. My Jeep. So I drove it last Saturday to my GNO outing. The girls I went with wanted me to. It was the singularly perfect day of the entire summer and the day that if you didn't drive your Ruby you were not the sort that deserved to own a Rubicon. You'd get kicked out of the Jeep club.

So I drove.

We put little, tiny, Shelley-Belly in the back. At one point I turned around and saw her little body being thrown helter-skelter, back and forth, up and down, and around against her seatbelt. She weighs less than my dog George and I was fearful she'd be blown out the back like a lost tictac.

I pulled over and she traded with Alli-Baby. Alli didn't look much happier back there! One of them said, "Have YOU ever ridden back here?" Why no I haven't! I'm usually driving!

Lesson learned. The back seat of Ruby is not fun at 75 miles per hour. So sorry my lovely peeps. You really are such whiners!   ;)

With all the above being said, I have a few photos to share. Random, have nothing to do with what I'm yammering on about, photos.

It's Tuesday in August! I am loving the weather at this moment. So awesome.

Here is one photo from our canoe trip. How lovely yes? Of course I fell out of the canoe. Yes I did. At the end. Klutzy much?

Spring Rolls with my Lorenzo. Yes, it's usually all about the food.

A rare ride in Pup's cute little car.

A little conference with one of Pup's hot clients. Why are all of his contractor clients so hot? It's hard to focus. The conference is about a little project at the Chez Emerson.

Shopping trip also with my Lorenzo. I look annoyed. I have become even more annoying than I ever thought possible. I really like the word annoying. Ha!

My favorite dusty antique shop in St. Paul. It was even worse than ever! Love it so much.

St. Croix River out of the window of The Guest House.

Beautiful artwork at the Mayo.


city said...

thanks for sharing.

Shabbygal said...

Man you are annoying! JK Looks like you had a busy summer! Traci

T said...

Ooooooh, St. Croix. Looks so inviting. I wanna be THERE.

So, what did you buy while shopping?

Anonymous said...

Great food shot! What a food photography pro you are!!

Ms. A said...

Please tell me you didn't take all these pics with your phone? These are really good!

Deborah said...

city - any time. Actually; all the time. :)

Traci - I really am!

tPretty - I bought a fabulous dress and some knickers. I love buying knickers. Kinda addicted to knickers.

Diane - it just looked that good. I didn't have to do a thing.

Ms A - that is so sweet of you to say! But yes, all from my beloved BlackBerry.