Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello! Is It Me You're Looking For?

Did you miss me?

I've been running around like my . . . [fill in witty observation].

My name-my-camper poll has ended. I don't like the name that got the most votes! I'm going with The Guest House although the ironic and subversive side of me wants to go with Hilary. I'm weird like that. You know I am.

So it was a week of opposites. And similars. And a lot of wth moments. But hey! I thrive on wth moments apparently. Don't we all?

And I've learned a thing or two this week.
  • Endless MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) listening will make you think you're uber-smart. You aren't.
  • I walk faster than I think I do.
  • I can leave the house to meet a friend for cocktails with dirty hair. Amazing what a cute dress and Ray-Bans will do for your self-perception. If you believe it works; it works.
  • Two and a half hour meetings can go by in the wink of an eye. The outcomes aren't always clear. Kinda like this sentence.  ;)  That is an emoticon. I use them with wild abandon. Yes - I am so 10 years ago.
  • Just because you think something doesn't make it so. I am FULL of smart-thoughts. Not all agree with me despite my bossy ways.
  • I really am not as bossy as I think I am. There are only two letters of difference between bossy and wussy. You pick.
  • It is hard to twist your hair and write. I've tried. Repeatedly.

Speaking of hair - I suddenly, inexplicably, need a haircut. Like it looks-like-crap-needs-a-haircut haircut. How can hair look so amazing one day and then bam - look like crap suddenly. Ooooooh hair I love/hate you so.

The weekend is beginning my hooches. I am doing this and a lot of that.

One of them is canoeing with my GNO bunch. I whined yesterday that I was tired of driving, but today is promising to be lovely and I think I need to put the top down on Ruby (my Jeep) and drive like I need to. I'll take a couple of partners-in-crime with me. I can't promise we'll be good.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about a haircut yesterday. Didn't get one because I also need a hair color. Need to do both, actually. My hair just spits out ugliness over night and BAM... I wake up and it's time to do something about it.

Never did like meetings no matter how long they last. ugh.

Karen said...

I need a haircut too.. it's starting to -just not come out right- daily.

I like the quest house! ... and I have to tell you... that LR song has got to be one of my least favorite ever..LOL... like scratch nails on chalkboard instead!... and I do like LR.. but that song? just never liked it at all.

Um, not that that's very important here :-)

Ms. A said...

Everything was going along just fine until you mentioned hair... which is the bane of my existence... one of them!

Have fun canoeing!

Marla said...

Ok, this is going to sound creepy but I think about you all the time. No really. I think about the funny things you say and the kind things you have said to me and the way you are so real.

Deb, you are the friend I have never met and I just wanted to say......thank you!

Ps......we named ours, The Love Shack. The B52s would approve. (insert so 10 years ago emoticon here)

T said...

The Guest House. That works beautifully. I wouldn't have guessed that was your favorite, but it FITS.

I need(ed) a haircut too, and got it cut last week -- about four inches off. FOUR. Liked it at first, now having regrets. But ... it grows.

Have fun with Ruby and your partners in crime today. It's definitely a made-in-heaven, wind-blown hair day.

Sara Louise said...

Sunglasses and lipgloss work wonders... even with dirty hair! :)

deb-oh-rah said...

I am needing a haircut and considering hacking it off an inch or two myself. Trying to talk myself out of it.

Yup, Guest House. We used to call ours the "guest room."

So. Cal. Gal said...

If you're 10, then I'm 5. I use emoticons like a junkie uses crack. ; )

See? : P

As for your hair, did you wash it? I mean, if it looks amazing when it's unwashed, it must look like crap when it's washed, right? : D

Deborah said...

Diane - hair! It makes me crazy.

Karen - hair! lolol

Ms A - hair! I am seeing a theme here.

Marla - not creepy at all. I actually cried when I read your comment because it was so sweet. I love The Love Shack!

tPretty - 4 inches?? Wow! You have the BEST hair. I have always been very envious of it.

Sara Louise - it kinda makes you feel very movie star too! Like you're hiding in plain site. lol

deb - hair! lolol Everyone is about hair! No surprise!

SCG - you make me laugh!