Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ruby - do you love me?
Do you have one?

For years and years, mostly when my wasband and I were dating, my nickname was Dizzy.

This came about because my wasband's nickname was Buzzy and the friend that named me thought Dizzy and Buzzy went together like Drunk and Disorderly (reference totally stolen).

After a while it became obvious that the name was perfect for me since I do have my moments. The same friend that named me (love you Nimmy and miss you always) would look at me after I had maybe a blurting moment, shake his head and say, "That's why she's Dizzy!" I grew to love my nickname. I swear there was a period of time in my 20s and 30s when some people didn't know my real name. I was just Diz.

I love nicknames. I name everything. Yes, I am that girl that names her car, names her house, names her children.

I drove a car I affectionately named Barbie (1978 Malibu - this was in the 90s) and my Jeep is Ruby. Love you Ruby! I mean, look! I'm begging ya'll to help me name my damn camper!

Here in the family, we do actually call daughter #2 Lorenzo. I forget sometimes that not everyone is clued into who she is. I've had people say, "I didn't know you had a son?" Ooops! Lorenzo is a girl. Very much a girl.

And Bella. My oldest daughter has the same middle name as me and we dropped it nearly immediately and added Bella instead. So much so that when we went to a family reunion and someone had done the genealogy, Bella's name was written in as Bella. We had a good laugh at that one.

When my girls were in school and had millions of friends I could not keep them straight. Especially all the boys. I named most of them with identifiers.
  • Big Eye Boy
  • Parrot Boy
  • Mini-van Boy
  • . . . I'm forgetting . . . there are more. Help me Bella!

When I was dating as a grown woman, I named every guy I dated.
  • Peanut Butter Boy - melted in the sun of reality
  • Rocky - kind of a swaggering dude
  • Pepe le Pew - he kissed me just like Pepe and Pepe's beloved Penelope Pussycat
  • Jaguar - he did love that car
  • Harry - actually his real name, but I loved saying it over and over

In my blog everyone has a nickname. Well, nearly everyone. I have my own boring name. Although my Starbuck's name is Nadia. Just so I can hear something exotic when the Barista calls out my order, "Medium Americano with room for Nadia!"

Makes me swoon every time.


Anonymous said...

In the small town I grew up in in Iowa, nearly every man had a nickname. The town's website had a list of all of the names, but recently they chose to re-do their website and the list is no longer there... if they put it back up online again I will send you the link. :-)

Sarah said...

Trumpet Boy! You forgot him :)

T said...

Okay, first, I'm addicted to your blog. (redundant, but true)

Secondly, did I ever tell you I'm jealous of your Jeep? I've always wanted a Jeep.

And uh, Americano? With room for Ladia? Really? My standard order! -- but I don't have a fun name for "cream."

And I adore this characteristic nickname fetish thing you have going on. Yes, that camper needs a nickname. I've cast MY vote.

Lisa Schultz said...

None of my nicknames were fun or flattering......Pizza, Puba, Schlitz......for years after we got married, my ex called me Ma'am, so in retaliation I called him Sir.....

I really need to come up with a Starbucks name!!!!!

Ms. A said...

It would probably surprise you that my nickname is/was Sunshine. Hubby still calls me that occasionally and always puts it on my cards. In school and skating, it was Corky. Neither one fits me anymore.

deb-oh-rah said...

I was given a nickname in college, quite accidentally, just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it stuck. Not attractive or cute, just dumb, had nothing to do with me. Won't say what it was. Many people didn't know my real name. Including a male who I was making out with who kept murmuring the stupid nickname in my ear. Ugh! No, I won't tell anyone what it was.

So. Cal. Gal said...

It must be a MN thing. That side of my family has so many nicknames, it's hard to keep track. My nick is 'B!tch', given to me by (of course) the brothers.

I'm quite proud of it. : )

Sara Louise said...

I'm Skippy :)

Deborah said...

Diane - that is adorable! I'd love to see that link when it's available.

Sarah - oh! How could I have forgotten him??

tPretty - we drink the same Starbucks drink? I love that drink with all my heart - and I don't mind sneaking a scone now and then.

Lisa - I love what you told me about Mona Lisa. That made me spew my Starbucks.

Ms A - I would totally believe you are called Sunshine. You are sweeter than you let on.

Deb - oh what the hell. Tell us!

SCG - we love all Bitches here. smooch

Sara Louise - Skippy! I love it.