Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Solution!

I was recently helping one of my sil's (shout out to Penny Lane!) get some items ready for a benefit auction she was heading up. So while we were wandering about in The Dollar Tree and while I was looking for some suitable cutie stuffed animals for one of the baskets, I found these:
The idea is the pink one is for Pup to select something and the blue one is for me to select something. Something we want the other to do.

For instance, on the blue doll there is one that says "pick up your clothes" or "rub my feet."
On the pink doll there is one that says "no more purses" (like that's going to happen - ha!) or back rub.
We've been having the BEST time with these the past couple of days.

I'll find the pink one on my office chair - "dishes don't do themselves" selected. I snort. He laughs. It's awesome!

I'll place the blue one in his cookie jar - "wash the dishes" selected. He snorts. I laugh. Brilliant!

The only drawback. I need additional choices. Something like.

Let's run away to Mexico forever

Let's go shopping

Let me decorate the house only the way I want. (teasin')

Stop jiggling my butt

Let's be happy forever

You see where I'm going?

What would be on your request doll?


Ms. Anthropy said...

Those look pretty small, not enough room for all I could request.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

mine would have...
1. walk dogs

2. massage aching back

3. offer to take millions of pix
of spouse where ever we go for blogging purposes

4. "I feel like frozen yogurt!"

5. grocery shopping

6. take comforter to laundromat

7. dog poop duty

8. scrub bathtub

did i miss the point? am i being greedy? so what. it's my doll.

Joann Mannix said...

Hmmm... When I say I want a massage that doesn't mean 20 seconds on my back and then your hands gravitating to the front like magnets as I scream, "That's not my back!"

Also, a Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Fluff The Sheets As I Get In Bed To Smell Your Horrific Gas, button.

And, it's 6:00 am? Just like our children before you, you puppies know there is another side of the bed, right? I am not the only one in this bed you can jump on to let you out.

Just a few. I could go on and on forever.

Daisy said...

Let's run away and not let anyone know where we are.

The Empress said...

Mine would like a tattooed circus lady, with all the requests I've got.

Very cute, though.

Ca88andra said...

At the moment mine would be to write a successful book so I wouldn't have to go to work anymore!

Heff said...

Those things are a rip-off of "sex dice".

One die has an action to perform, and the other die has an area of the body listed on it.

Roll for random acts of fornication !

J.J. said...

Rub my butt. lol!

Deborah said...

Ms A - We can squeeze it all in in tiny tiny font size I'm thinking. :)

Lucky Gun - You totally have the point. And I could use every thing on your list myself.

Joann - the sheet-maneuver is never good. Never.

Daisy - You think just like me! That is top of my list.

Empress - Well, the back is totally blank, we can fill 'er up.

Ca88 - Or win the lottery so you can write full time yes?

Heff - Well, I did get them at the dollar store. Kinda like the fake salted nut rolls. They look the same, but taste waaaaay different.

JJ - Are you beating off the takers yet?

Anonymous said...

Get a laundry marker and start adding your own requests - plenty of room on those things.

Marla said...

Joann wrote mine better than I could have. Exactly!!