Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eames and Shoots

My dream recliner, not the one we bought.
We are redecorating our living room. Slowly, but surely, getting the bits and pieces we need.

It started a couple of months ago while we were watching Breaking Bad and Pup was squirming away on his end of the sectional.

"Babe, I miss my recliners," he said.

"You mean from the white marshmallow couch," I said? (Retired into pieces in various rooms.)

"A man needs his recliners."

I looked over at him. At his big-manness and his uncomfortable repose.

"Can we look for a recliner that doesn't lose small children and pets in its cushions? One that is a bit sleeker for my eyes," I say?

Does a hockey player wear a nutcup?

So, I was off on my hunt for the perfect recliner.

Found one, we ordered it, it took WEEKS to be delivered. It was a pile. A sorry pile. When Pup sat in it we could just tell it wouldn't last through football season.


Back it went with a bit of whining from me to the customer service team that guys that like recliners generally don't weigh 150 pounds and what was the point of a dainty recliner? She didn't laugh.

So, off the two of us go to find the perfect recliner.

We trotted off to furniture stores. Many furniture stores. We were getting crabby. The chairs he was loving were so very very POOFY. Large smushy arms perfect for resting snacks on. Large squishy seats for napping.

The chairs I was loving were not right.

"Oh look baby"! He has spotted something.

"This one has CUP HOLDERS right in the arms"! His eyes were shining with happiness. He was immediately reclined in the cupholder-chair and dangerously close to nodding off. Or was I dangerously close to bumping him off? Kidding . . . I think.

"Oh my friggin' god Pup! I can't have furniture with CUPHOLDERS! You want to turn our living room into an SUV"!

A standoff.

He's Pup-pouting. I'm pouting. We're now beyond crabby.

Again I say, "You need a man-den." It's true. Our house is just one little room too small.

So, off to chi-chi furniture store, where I, of course, find a perfect chair. In my eyes. Pup isn't seeing it that way.

"Babe, it's $2,300. I am not paying $2,300 for a RECLINER"!

"Sweetie, furniture costs money."

"The cupholder chair was only $1000"!

I stare at him with guns in my eyes.

Smarmy salesman runs over with leather samples. Oblivious to the malevolence snapping in the air like lightening.

So, off we go to another furniture store. Where, a few weeks ago, we had found the perfect couch with no arguing. And where a few recliners had been rejected outright by both of us.

We walk around the store, tired and CRABBY.

Pup remembers a chair that he rejected back then. He pulls me like an unruly child to the recliner.

We both stand there looking at it. Why had it been rejected before? It's great. We can pick our leather. And get this . . .

we both fit in it! We can watch and recline together. Or he can recline alone in man-glory.

I'm as happy as a dog licking his balls.


R. Jacob said...

I checked with 5 of my dogs. They gave 4 paws up on that licking part!
I will send you a picture of our perfect couch set, especially my favorite part of it.

Karen said...

You do have a way with

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i eames. my dream house involves everything eames/ modern/ minimalist/ outter spacey/ Jetson's style.

and of course, one room with furniture that's actually comfortable.

Joann Mannix said...

Oh Glory! Turn our home into an SUV. What a brilliant line!

Here's what we did. We have a media room with the big projector screen. I hate theater seating that most folks get for their media rooms. It's so sterile. I feel like I can't talk or get comfy or anything. So...I decided we would go retro and I would find a big-ass sectional that would wrap around the room. I looked everywhere trying to find that perfect retro, big-ass couch.

Finally, I asked a saleslady and she said, "Honey, I have the perfect couch for you. It is the ugliest thing you've ever seen and you are going to fall in love with it."

She brought me over to this thing. It was huge, monster huge and it definitely fit the retro and yes, it was ugly. As I was staring at it, she coaxed me to have a seat and...that couch was mine. It was as close to heaven as I'll get in a sectional.

I did change the fabric from mud brown to sage green, so that helped with it's fugliness.

It's so comfy that 2 of our friends have ordered the same couch for themselves.

Marla said...

You have been tagged at Butts and Ashes, Miss Shopping Maven!

Ms. Anthropy said...

Hubs has a great big one (recliner) that got zapped by lightning and doesn't have the heat and massage functions anymore. He still love it!

Deborah said...

RJ - I'd love to see that.

Karen - Pup said I was naughty. I should have said, I'm happy as Al Bundy in a room full of women with no feet.

Lucky Gun - Crazy! I actually have a lamp I have called my Jetson's Lamp for about 10 years. I seriously want to own a house all for me full of this stuff. LOVE IT!

Joann - I need to see this couch! Sounds absolutely perfect.

Marla - I'm a dorky nerd and not worthy.

Ms A - The visual that afforded me is truly making tears squirt out of my eyes.

Pearl said...

What a beautiful piece!

Would you believe me if I told you I've never purchased furniture? :-) Would you lose all respect for me? :-) It's not that I don't want to, but you know where I work! How the hell would I pay for it?!



Daisy said...

I'm glad you two are happy.

J.J. said...

A dog licking it's balls? That's pretty happy! ; ) Congrats!

Sadako said...

Heh. Loved the dog balls line at the end! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice compromise.

But ya know what?

To Pup's defense? I GET the cup-holder thing.