Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dish Love

I have a few mini-obsessions, dishes being one of them. LOVE THEM! If I could and if I had room I'd have dozens of sets. When I moved in with Pup I edited and edited. Gave a few sets to daughters and made decisions on some I owned that I didn't love as much. Oh the sadness having to do that.

No love in a vacuum. I am slowly filling up that void. I am not only hopeless, but helpless to the dish-love.

In my defense, who could resist these? I had this set many years ago when I had my first apartment. A co-worker gave them to me and I cavalierly broke, lost, or misplaced the set.

Started stalking them in shops and online.

Found these! For such a great price! LOVE.

I am very excited to eat a delicious meal from these dishes. Here is another justification in my mind; these are little, little like things used to be when the country wasn't so hugely huge. Look at the tiny saucers, the small coffee cups, the lunch plate. Visual reminder to not upsize my portions.

I will make dinner today to celebrate the dishes.

Have I made you fall in love?

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