Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day

Today is the day when all bloggers unite to form a wall of information for anyone who is reading.

Here are a few examples of my efforts to save resources and reuse.

My Aldi bags. I keep two or three of these in Ruby (my Wrangler) and use them every week.

I have used this bag for over 10 years! It is where dry cleaning goes to die. Or goes to rest until I actually bring it into the dry cleaners. (note to self: bring in dry cleaning?)

One of a million Ikea bags I own. Somehow I almost ALWAYS forget to bring my Ikea bags with me when I actually go to Ikea. But the bags get used in millions of other ways. I brought three of them with me to Sarah's house the other day for the closet edit. They were filled with donation and tailoring items.

Here are two bags of donations I just filled from my own closet edit. I constantly edit my closet. Well, by constantly I really mean maybe twice a year. I am reusing two bags here. One is from Pier 1 (really??) and the other is a random Ikea bag I found. They will be donated as well.

This is the coolest little bag that I carry in my handbag. It is a tiny little package and inside is a largeish (word@!) tote bag for when I need a tote bag unexpectedly. I found it at some office supply warehouse.

What are you doing today to prove your involvement with our planet?

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