Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Closet Edit and Styling Session

My first! Yes, it was my daughter, yes she "volunteered," and yes it was the best fun. We started about 11:00 in the morning and were still going strong at 5:00 that evening. So great hanging out with her and getting this done.

She is a darling girl with kick-ass legs. During the edit, we discovered that skirts look the best on her when the hem hits just above the knee. She has a HUGE pile of skirts to take to the tailor.

We took pictures of most of the outfit possibilities. 69 pictures in total! I left her with a list of additional accessory purchases she needs to make for outfit snazzing. It was great seeing how just the few scarves and necklaces she did have could be used in endless ways.

Styling with her was energizing and inspiring. I cannot wait to see her in every outfit.

She has tons of jackets and tons of skirts. Look at those legs! What a great outfit for work and then happy hour yes?

Another great jacket combo.

And another.

This jacket is great in person. I loved it with the sleeves rolled up.

These pants are great. They have pleating at the top. She hadn't found a way to wear them. We came up with about five options for her. I really adored this one.

This option made her look incredibly tiny! Who doesn't love that? Plus, she is tiny!

Look at the detailing on this fantastic suit. When this skirt gets shortened (with about five others) this suit will be in constant rotation.

Got the booty going on! Another fabulous jacket.

Same jacket, different option.

This skirt is incredibly versatile. We had endless ideas for it.

After all that styling, this is what she was wearing out that night with her husband. Of course it was an Ugly Sweater Party. Oh the 80s!

A lovely lovely day.

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