Sunday, October 13, 2013

Now, That's a Good Body

I've been blessed with a good body.

No, not that way you schnook. (Excuse the Yiddish. I'm obsessed.)

I mean that my body is healthy, strong, in a certain light appealing, and nicely reactive. It works mostly how I need it to work and if it doesn't work a certain way it responds rather quickly to learning something new.

Kinda like my brain.

So, with this blessing comes accountability. Meaning, if it isn't behaving the way I need it to; who can I point at? Why, that would be me!

Yep and yes. Done and done. Had to be said. For me, the visual word is so much better than a thought. So here's my visual Mr. DeMille! (cue vague movie-reference). Bloop!

Sidenote Thought - Going to the Movies

Pup, Shelley-Belly, and I went to see Gravity.

I might be the ONLY person on the planet (yuck yuck yuck) that didn't like this movie. For whatever reason, I was unable to suspend belief. I have a feeling it was my mood, but maybe a flaw in me. Who knows. I HATED it. Pup and SB liked it! I do love Sandra Bullock and George makes me laugh. But it was a nogo that evening.

::sad face::

In a bizarre, validating kind of way, it made me feel good to hate this movie. I usually love every movie I see and feel very pollyannaish in that.

Or I'm a bitch and going to fry in hell.

You pick!

Sunday Funday!


Anonymous said...

Although both stars are great to look at, and both have done some funny movies in the past, their acting as of late has just not impressed me and neither are stars I much care to watch anymore. Sad face....

T said...

Nope. Not a bitch. I get that.

I'm very discriminating with my taste in movies. There are tons of movies that people have given multiple thumbs up to that I have not liked at all.

I'm licking my chops waiting to see Prisoner. Prisoners(?) Hope I'm not disappointed.

I need to get out of my cave; I've not heard anything about Gravity.

I ADORE THAT SHOT OF YOU, DEBORAH. THAT.IS.SEXY. Rock that body, woman! Rock it!

T said...

Oh, I should probably mention...

Actually? "Prisoner" could be a silent movie and I'd still stand in line to SEE it. One guess.

Ms. A said...

Girl, you look great and are lucky that everything is in working order! Not everyone is anywhere near that fortunate.