Saturday, October 5, 2013

Love These Like She Loved These

The weather has turned.

That's okay by me. As I've said, I do love summer, but grow weary of hot days. I have always enjoyed the dreary, rainy aspect that some fall days have. And I enjoy entering a different portion of my closet.
I spent one dreary, fall day at the auction of my dear friend Reechie. She and her adorable husband Neily sold their farm and are moving far far away. Maybe to return part-time here, but maybe not.


I saw her grouping of luncheon plates and whispered to my friend Deb-oh-rah, "Don't let me bid of those."

Then about 30 minutes later I made her promise to ignore what I had just said.


I used to own this set (or one just like it) way back in the day although I didn't have any cups. When I left my wasband I didn't take these with me. I mourned them the minute I left them with him. Along with a lot of outfits and such I impulsively donated. What a doofus.

So . . . I bid on these. I bid against Neily's daughter. I bid aggressively and got them. I apologized to the daughter, but said, "These were going to be mine!" She can find another set. Frankly, they are all over the place. My beautiful, tiny friend Shelley-Belly told me her daddy used to broker these luncheon plates (and other styles) back when she was even tinier.

While Neily was carrying these to my car (smooches to a gentleman) he said, "You know, if I had known you wanted these, you could have had them!"

I just grinned at him. I liked buying them from their farm. Now, as I told Reechie, every time I have guests and serve snacks on these lovelies I will think of her and her gorgeous farm.

When I got them home Pup simply said, "What is this gristle?" That's his word for all my treasures. He's kidding. I think.


It's Saturday! I am attending a baby class with my ready-to-pop Bella (that baby is so close I can smell him!) and then off to the office with Pup for some rearranging. What are y'all doing?


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying having Hubby home for the week-end and also the 'no hammering' going on. No project this week-end although I am anxious to see it done. Love those glass pieces. I think my grandmother probably had some very similar in her china cabinet in my childhood years. Such pretty gristle!

deb-oh-rah said...

No, the rain didn't dampen our buying. I got some cool things at the auction too. But then it was time to find somewhere to dry off with a hearty libation. ;-)

You'd better spread the message far and wide and loud when Bella has the babe!

Ms. A said...

It's Saturday??? I've either gain, or lost some days!

Ms. A said...

Oops, I'm tired, make that "gained".

T said...

Lovely little story. Lovely gristle. And that's a fabulous shot of them.

Like you, little treasures like these are most cherished for the ushering of memories they evoke each time we lay eyes on them. So glad you have them.

I like trying on each "shade" of fall too.

Stuck in a seminar all week. Stuffed in a boring room with no windows. Fall will have to wait on me.

David Macaulay said...

But they are so very gristly :)