Monday, September 5, 2011

How Many Pups Can I Have?

I call my darling husband "Pup" on this blog.

When I started the blog I wanted a name for him and "Pupcake" popped into my head. It seemed to fit him perfectly! And, of course, I thought I was brilliant for thinking of it.

I didn't think of it! My dear friend, Teri, called her darling husband Pupcake and while I had not forgotten about them, I had certainly forgotten that she had penned that original nickname. I'm telling you! I bet over HALF of what I say and think has been plagiarized! I'm a word-thief!

I know; we all are to some extent. We take things we've heard, read, seen, and shake some of our personal sea salt on them and put it on the table. "Nummy Deborah! You are the best!" Deep inside I'm a thief.

Creative thinking my hooches!

In a not too distant past life I'm a graphic designer. Ideas never came over easily to me. If I had to come up with something right out of my ass I'd have to hunker down with stuff I had collected (inspiration folder I always called it - I'm so clever!) and shut my office door and start brainstorming - and alone when I was working my corporate job.

A few hours later, hopefully, I'd have a few ideas to present to my manager and we'd cull it down to the one that would work. Then I'd get designing. It was always painful. The thinking of it, not the execution of it.

On other fronts in my life I have no problem with inspiration. Decorating is painless. Clothes styling is instant. Vignetting is a see-in-my-head process. Even writing is like pooping. It just happens.

But graphic design; painful.

I was waaaaay better at the building of the project. I ROCK at that part. I was way better at the collaborative projects than the alone-with-my-thoughts projects. I had a job where we were a huge team of art directors, writers, project managers, photographers, and production artists. Awesome process. When I worked alone; hard to jump start.

Back to Pupcake. He is now, happily I might add, Pup to me on this blog. And how many Pups do I need to make a blog?


So. Cal. Gal said...

If they're cute, as many as you can handle.

But isn't polygamy illegal? ; )

Ms. A said...

How many Pups does one girl need?

T said...

"Isn't polygamy illegal?"


Good one.

silvergirl said...

oh you need that sign to hang in pup's man cave if he has one!!

Karen said...

I've been calling my dogs pupcakes for years, it's just a really fun word. And yeah.. what Ms. A. said.

Marnie said...

Pail of pups! I love it.

Deborah said...

SCG - it isn't if you don't tell anyone. heh

Ms A - well, if they're all like my Pup, one will do.

T - lol yes?

SG - I know! I wanted to steal it!

Karen - Oh dear! Pupcakes around the world.

Marnie - it made me laugh so hard!