Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Deep End

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My house is a mess. For real and for certain.

I'm behind on laundry. I'm behind on dishes. I'm behind on niggling little projects all over Chez Emerson.

I have too many junk drawers. I have a utility room where you wouldn't be able to find a utility if your ass was on fire. BTW - what the hell is a utility? Why does it need its own room?

These are the things that inhabit the space between my ears. Not useful things like, "Here is my plan for the day. Let's see how many check marks I can make against this list."


I think about whys and why nots. I think about human nature and why women can be so mean to each other. I think about the love in families. And how, sometimes, it is goes badly. I think about how I know I would die for either one of my girls. I don't say that lightly. That love is so definite. No quibbling. It is a cement wall.

I think about how lucky I've been in my life. How I have had good people around me for much of it. How I have been able to jump in many many deep ends of pools with various degrees of success. The success isn't always the yardstick I measure with. The jumping is the thing. The jumping really is the thing.

Even now, at my geezerly age (AARP is stalking me peeps! WTH!) I am starting, yet again, a new thing. In the core of me I hate learning new things. At the core of me I love learning new things. CRAZY! lol

Trust me, working retail (a consignment store - working in it, not owning it) isn't rocket science. But already, I am liking the familiarity of it. I have just that kind of disorderly mind that loves making things orderly. It's a sickness really.

Although I could be cleaning my house.


Anonymous said...

I think all bloggers need to clean their house! But we have this thing called blogging sickness.. LOL Or maybe we are all just lazy.


Ms. A said...

You are "in your element!" ENJOY!

Don't take home ALL the merchandise, leave some for others.

ain't for city gals said...

Your first sentance cracked me...I just want to take a powerwasher to my house..literally! or walk away and never look back...I came over from Karen's at this old house...looking forward to reading your past and future posts...

Karen said...

Deb, sounds like you got the perfect job for you, right now. And to hell with a perfectly clean house. Tell me, has any person ever said ..upon their deathbed... Why didn't I DUST more often?

So. Cal. Gal said...

OMG! You'll be working in your house of worship! lol!

I started cleaning my place because I was getting a new desk and needed the room for it. Now that it's in place, my place is going to pot. And I don't care. : )

silvergirl said...

ha ha you call the room a utility room
i thought my husband's family was the only one that said that
that is what they call a laundry room
is that the same for you??
i really don't know what a utility room is lol

Deborah said...