Tuesday, July 19, 2011


stolen from this adorable web site

  1. Do at least one post with no pet photos. Try.
  2. Go outside even though you are bitching non-stop about the 118 degree heat index. Do it.
  3. Cook more, don't lie, you remember how. Don't worry that someone in the house won't eat it. He'll find something.
  4. Take your vitamins. Do it. Don't you ever want to feel better? Hmm?
  5. Simplify. More complicated does not equal better evolved.
  6. Yes, it's true, there are things that rule that aren't always controllable. Deal and roll. ROLL BABY!
  7. Be happy. You can do it.
  8. Get it back. It hasn't been gone that long, you'll find it out there somewhere (I'm talking about my joy).
Those of you that are still reading over here; I appreciate you so much. It's easy to hang out with someone that's fun and frolicky, but depth of character stands out when you support that same person that is stumbling and needing a hand.

Let's applaud with your hand and my hand. I don't want to be smaltzy, but all ya all rock my mind.



silvergirl said...

i love that pillow
cracking up about the cooking
i just cook what i want these days and if others eat it, yea, if not will there is cereal in the pantry!

Anonymous said...

No... so sorry, but pet stays in my photos. Heat? Not quite that hot here.... yet. I've bought so many flippin' vitamins in my lifetime and they always remain unopened.

Guess I just don't like a lot of rules. I always was the problem child in the family.


T said...


How do I appreciate YOU? Let me count the ways!

I can always count on you -- regardless of the number of pet photos you post (I love them!) -- to cheer up my day. Your blog is MY FIX.

To return a laugh, I insist that you watch (if you haven't already) the movie "Death at a Funeral," the 2007 version.

This scene is one of countless that is sure to bring JOY to your day:


Ms. A said...

Gawd I wish! So hard to teach and old dog new tricks and I've forgotten the ones I used to know!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I'm reaping the benefits of mom's 55 year cooking career...we go out to eat at least twice a week because she's SICK of cooking.

And it's hard to be happy when life keeps kicking you in the ass. Well, not exactly in the ass because it's never out of the chair long enough, but you know what I mean. ; )

Muhammad Israr said...

i do posts without any photos :) lets applaud :)

Karen said...

Umm.. I'm a pet photo freak, sorry. And I'll applaud with you!...

I've been feeling like crap lately too, what's up with that? And I haven't been following all the rules to "feel better"... not taking my vitamins, still eating crap, but not always!.. not doing YOGA.. because I'm just not into it. And.. probably not exercising as much as I should. Whining whining. I'm ashamed, really... so I'll stop the griping :-)

There, feel better?

Sarah said...

I believe a little retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered :)

Sarah said...

Oh and if Pup won't eat it, I will! We can shove pizza at the hubbys and tell them tuff love.