Monday, May 23, 2011

Tell Her She's Lovely

Over the weekend Pup and I had millions of projects (as per usual) and made progress in spite of the fact I spent most of Saturday with Bella at a baby shower she was hosting for one of her friends.

The long-time friend is a redhead. She has enough power surging through her to light half of the smallish suburb of Minneapolis where I live.
I curse myself for not taking several BlackBerry shots of this amazing Lego world she has built. Every little Lego was placed by her own redheaded hand! It was truly amazing.

Cut to yesterday. We are happily working away on our separate projects; Pup in the office sorting and filing from his Season and me in the dungeon finally sorting through the rack and ruin left from the remodel. I am slower than the comeback of El Chicano.

I have the radio on keeping me company while I vacuum up dead bugs (gross) and I hear sirens going in the 'hood. I turn on the TV and there is an explosion of tornados. Our area being listed in particular.

Pup scoops up the pets, including Lorenzo's DK, and lobs them into the dungeon. The cats are not happy.
Poor George is afraid of storms so he's actually okay with being in the dungeon with me where it is quieter.

The harder pet to round up is Pup. I'm shouting updates up at him of the path's touchdowns and he's reassuring me over and over that he will actually join us soon in the basement.

He climbs down bearing snacks and coke. What a man.

It lasted just a few minutes. Damage reported as close to our house as 1.5 blocks away.

We are safe and untouched.

I'm a weird woman. I can always tell when we're going to be absolutely fine. Maybe it's intuition. Maybe it's delusion. I knew we'd be fine.

Bella and The Big B live a few blocks from us and they were fine as well.

Spending a portion of your afternoon holed up in respective dungeons is better than flying about like Dorothy since I really don't want to follow any damn yellow brick road thank you very very much.

smooches my hooches

Hope your weekends were lovely and quiet!


The Empress said...


Do you know that when I tried to pull up your comments section Sat and Sun, I'd get the message "blank."

Your dog is beautiful. JUST beautiful, that coat of his...

Ms. A said...

Glad you are ok!!! That's a little TOO much excitement for me.

Sarah said...

Two scary storms in a row this weekend!

I am (almost) disappointed nothing of note happened in our neighborhood. At the same time relieved!

It can stop raining on the weekends anytime, however!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i can't even imagine what it would be like to have that kind of weather. taking pets and snacks into the basement for safety seems like something i would do as a kid in a pretend game of "tornados", not something i can really imagine.

we just have earthquakes here and those aren't nearly as exciting.

Spreading the Love! said...

oooh jeez, thanks God your OK!...

and yeah, much better to be in the basement than under the house with your toes curling in.

So. Cal. Gal said...

I was almost going to call my cuz yesterday but I figured if something happened we'd hear about it asap. A cousin's kid got married downtown on Friday night. I hear she dodged a bullet, uhh, tornado.

I'm glad all of you are okay!


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

That lego set-up is so cool, reminds me of my recent trip to Lego Land in CA- so much fun! I'm glad you're ok, my area doesn't get tornados but I can imagine how freaky it would be!