Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Hair! Arg!

I am just not loving it.

I went a bit shorter and suddenly I have a mom-cut. Arg!


Here are a few I'm liking . . .

Please forgive the Jessica picture. The hair is good!

I don't have good hair. I color it (gray ugh!) and it's frizzy if I don't flat iron it. I can wear it curly, but I'm not loving that lately.

I think I'm having a crisis.


TryN2FitN said...

U're such a liar, I have never seen a pic of u w/ bad hair, from the 1st pic of u I saw, I secretly coveted that hair of urs and wanted to cut it, yeah wicked me, I know. Love the new pic, stop being so gorgeous, give someone else a chance, blushing bride ;?).

That tat better not be a Daisy. Funny I have been thinking of getting the girl's names put on my wrists in some tiny, frilly, artsy, girly way. They notice I have tats, they ask about them, "Yeah, I scarred my skin forever", I'll say, "but it was b cos of u two" just won't let them know I had 6 prior to theirs. U better send me pics of what u're planning, I'm so excited.

Deborah said...

Oh you are so cute!

You and my Lauren are so similar. She now has two tats and I know she'll get a few more.

She swoons over guys that are full of them as well.

This will be my first, and most likely, last.