Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Take a Break!

I'm driving home from the lakehouse yesterday and about an hour into the trip my (newish) car beeped at me rather insistently. A message popped up on the display right behind the wheel showing me a cup of aromatic coffee and the statement: Take a break!


Now my car is bossing me around?

We bought a used Mercedes Benz last October and the fun portion of the owner's manual is missing so I'm learning all the weirdnesses as they occur. This one is brand new. Could my car know when I'm tired? I was tired yesterday.

Overall I love the car. It was a little bit of a splurge, but Pup never does anything recklessly, but moves forward with our stuff conservatively and smartly. I do believe. He's an 180 from me. I'm compulsive and emotional when it comes to purchases. Don't even ask me about the Amazon packages that arrive every day. Come on! I need a lettuce keeper! I need yet another type of hair mousse - this one promising hair that isn't frizzy or flat.

Speaking of hair - oh my. I do not think there is a dark hair left on my head. I kinda had an idea, but now that I cannot see my darling Gabrielle (Juut colorist I've been seeing for 12 years) right now I have seen the most alarming skunk-like strip on the top of my head. Gah! Pup colored my hair for me once (thank you Madison Reed!) and it's time again.

I'm a bit floppy in my feelings right now. This Pandemic thing is not fun for any of us. I vacillate daily on what I believe to be true around everything. Today I'm sad. I'm sitting here with said hair unwashed for many days looking a mess. I've gained weight. I'm sad. Today I'm going to practice some gratitude. I hear that helps. I see my therapist today (via tele therapy) so I'll wash hair and put on makeup. Pup is feeling sad too. He denies, but I see it. His businesses are weird right now with tax season being extended three months. There just isn't a sense of urgency for him and that's untethering. No after season trip - his reward for a well-worked season - and a strange summer looming ahead.

And one of our offices (the one I normally work at) is in a huge sinkhole and has no electricity. Pup moved the end of the needs to his other office and we forwarded the phones. I spoke to the property manager a few days ago and he said it might be months before we can move back in. MONTHS! We're weighing our options. We could move into a different suite, but we have ours so perfect! It took a few years to get it right.

Bitch bitch bitch.

Where's my gratitude?

I am one decision from a whole new life. Do it girl.

Many of us feel this way.

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T said...

Bossy car! Compulsive shopper and floppy feelings and skunk-headed -- and talk of our looming strange summer. You nailed it. Priceless stuff as always. It always cheers me up to read your blog. I've been a little depressed too. (Wonder if it has anything to do with having also gained weight? And I wonder if that has anything to do with the chocolate and chips and ice cream I eat almost daily?)

Let's push through this funk, girl.