Friday, September 5, 2014

Hot Men Friday

Justin Theroux

I really enjoy GQ magazine. I read it at my salon. I keep thinking that I need to get a subscription for Pup.

Guys this like this one are part of the reason for my love of the magazine.
Like this guy.

I dated one guy in my lifetime that had this vibe. This hipster, I-can-wear-anything-and-look-cool vibe. I swoon a little when I see a guy like this on the street.

But this guy, this guy . . . hair, fierce face, ripped, nice, sweet, smart (seemingly), and talented.

And he dates my biggest girl-crush of all time.
I love Jennifer Aniston. She's a perfect girl to me. Lovely, strong body, great hair, and walks along in her own comfort. Doesn't bend to swollen lips, exaggerated hair extensions, or only dressing the right way. She wears what she wants. I admire that.

But this guy . . .
Yeah, this guy . . .

He is the right amount of hairy and while he may be a little scrawny for my normal taste, his NYC thing works. Those guys have to be scrawny. The long thin legs in jeans, the lean arms that are like rocks, the abs you could do a rubbing on.

He's the reason I wanted to start watching The Leftovers. Now I'm watching because the show is good. Are any of you watching?


Ms. A said...

They do make a nice looking couple!

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of that show, but we only watch Netflix and Apple TV so it's probably not on any of the stations we get. He's cute!

T said...

Haven't heard of the show, but I enjoyed checking him out here on your blog. Nice. Very nice. A little scrawny, yes, but you can't help but stare a little.

JA - love her too. She's easy-beautiful. She trumps AngelOONIE hands down. Happy that she's moved on.

I have bought an issue or two of that magazine in the past. Men's Fitness is another one I enjoy reading.