Monday, July 29, 2013

What's on My Samsung?

Well hello there.

You've missed me.

Oh come on - I know it! I have a face just made for missing.

Let me have my dreamy thoughts. It could happen!

What a summer it has been yes? Gorgeous around these parts. Lovely, balmy, calm, and just a tad - umm - just a tad . . . you know what? I'm not going to finish that thought.

Here's a few shots of some of what I've been doing.
George driving.
I thought my dad needed to know about this. Since he's from New Ulm Minnesota and all. 
This made me giggle because I'm a 12 year-old boy. Yup.
New addition to the Chez Emerson zoo. This is Oliver.
I managed to re-bloom an orchid! I was disproportionately excited. 
Got new patio furniture. Made Pup move it from one spot to the next. He's still speaking to me.
Another shot of the crazy-eyed Oliver. He's kinda cute. 
I have become one of those people that takes too many photos of her pets. Soon you will find kitty litter in my hair and I will tenderly pick fur off of my leggings. That I wear as pants. People will whisper, "She used to be so fun! She used to be so stylish!" Gah

What have you been doing this summer?


Ms. A said...

I haven't done a darn thing that looks nearly as enjoyable as you. I'm just glad to be away from the dang hospital!

Oliver is adorable!!!

Sara Louise said...

George is such a handsome boy!
Your new patio furniture looks like the perfect place to kick back with a glass of wine and some gossip :)

T said...

Miss you? That face? That Mariska-look-alike face? But of course.

Looks like you've been enjoying your summer, and Oliver is a babydoll.

Love the patio furniture. My mind went straight to imagining myself sitting there with a glass of wine in my hand at dusk. Sweet.

I think I may find time to dig into our archives over the next few days. Yours are as enjoyable a read as most books.

Jealous that you can confidently wear leggings.

T said...

YOUR archives.

It's still early and only ONE cup of coffee.

deb-oh-rah said...

The summer's almost over and I don't feel like I've done anything. WAAAHHH!

Not So Simply Single said...

Love those pictures! I went to California to visit my Mom and to "meet the parents" of my boyfriend. UGH. Scary. Nothing exciting. Love the picture of your kitty. I just lost my baby girl two weeks ago. Really hard.

Take care....